7 things You Should Never Say In Bed

Are You Finished?


If he was finished he would get up and parade around. Even if you think it keep it to yourself!






bad-smell-stinks-640_620x350What is that smell?

First of all that is just rude. You are being intimate, there is a chance that some gas might have leaked. Do not kill the moment.




bored_couple_1-300x212Do not yawn in the middle.

Anything that will kill a man’s ego is this right here!







Call out the wrong name.

Sometimes we go into fantasy mode and lose control. This is fine but control your mouth!





polls_human_sex_3_4101_932390_poll_xlargeComparing him to your ex.

Clearly if your ex was so much the bomb this person wouldn’t be there. So please!





boring-sexIs that it?

Test the merchandise by having a cheap feel before you buy it. There is an ego attached to that head. J No pun intended.




Rihanna-ft.-Drake-Whats-My-Name-hitsmusicalesWhat’s your name?

There are some things that should be established before this point. Get your life together!

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