Some of us ladies like to tell our girlfriends everything. We tell them things down to size, orgasm and bank account information. I am learning that like everything in life, things are not forever. That includes friendships. Be cautious about what you tell people, in fact I would suggest you keep most things to yourself. Do you tell people how much you really weigh? No..then the size of his ^$%# is no ones business either. You never know who secretly envies you, after all it is a secret. As a boujie girl…a lot of your friends will envy’s in the creed! Jealousy is an illness that only God can cure. Let Him deal with them and you need to keep it pushing.

Cynthia from Atlanta Housewives had the right idea about friendship contracts. I wish when we become friends with someone we could write out the rules and regulations. I wish we could also put a gag order in the contracts too.

Many times when friendships end, especially when they end badly, people go into “Let me tell all of her business” childishness. Honestly, if you are mad that we are not friends and you want to spread truths and lies, because you know they will exaggerate and add fibs, get over that shit. The friendship is over, grieve and move on. Running your mouth over what this person did and who they did what with- does what?! It gives you more money? Makes you boujie girl of the week!? What? If could serve you an ass whoppin’ for running your mouth or you just look like an ass.

Real boujie girls have haters. We do. There are always going to be someone saying something or claiming we did something or declaring we are boujie. It comes with the territory. When you are a BOSS, expect your subordinates to have complaints…especially when they are fired. Keep your head up and let who you really are speak for herself.

Plus, it’s not the boujie way to slander anyone’s name. Speak for yourself as a lady and defend yourself with class. As for the rest…middle finger to their tests…

Laughing all the way to the bank…

Boujie MACK

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