Advice from the mistress?

article-0-19FF4D8400000578-596_634x742If you were having relationship problems, would you seek out another woman for advice? Better yet, would you seek out your man’s mistress for advice? The short answer to this is no. If your man decided to step out on you, you have to look at yourself and reflect on the relationship. Remember, men are simple. If there is something you are not doing that she is, it’s likely you know what that is and it should not come as surprise that if his needs are not being met, he will find it from someone else.

The mistress is a human being. Whatever he sees in her is a temporary thrill. Even if he leaves you for her, he will soon figure out she is still a woman. She’s not perfect and most of the issues he had with you, he will face with her. The only difference is she was his escape and now he’s back in another prison. Believe me it will be prison because somewhere in the back of that woman’s mind is how she got him, so she knows the type of man she has. But back to you.

imagesIf you are having problems in your relationship, there is one person you need to go to and that is your significant other. You have to be willing to take the critique. You have to be willing to get your feelings hurt. You have to be willing to be open. If he misses how freaky you used to be, you can hear that from him not some “place holder” (thank you Being Mary Jane). If you gained weight and are not taking care of yourself like you know you used to, this can come from him but you have to be willing to take it and do something about what he wants. Meet a man with his wants and his desires and he will meet yours. If he doesn’t then dump the selfish loser. Sometimes men cheat because their assholes. Be woman enough to know the difference between an asshole and a hurt man. Love hard ladies…

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