We Ain’t Friends No Mo

205857798_ebc9a8a5eaWhen people enter their adult life, there are a few things they should notice changing. Other than the load of opportunity, responsibility, and weight change, your surroundings change as well. The people you once considered your best friends aren’t. It isn’t that you are enemies; you just are not as close as you used to be and that is ok. True friendships last until the end of time; it is not based on length, money, or circles.

When the friendship changes usually one party tends to be jaded. There is no reason to harbor hard feelings because they changed or maybe you have changed. Accept the friendship is where it is and move on. You can tell when things change if you notice the phone calls are less frequent and there is the standard birthday and Happy Holiday calls. If you are on the end trying to make things work out and you see hardly any effort on theirs just stop. Friendship, like any relationship, is a two way street.

blackwomenJust because they do not consider you a close friend anymore doesn’t mean you should hate them. I think it is fair to grieve, if you need to, but forgive them for moving on without you. Start to accept the ones who ARE there for you. Make a new best friend shit! All the people in this world and if one person or a two, who knows you are awesome, doesn’t take advantage of that it is on them. Do not test their loyalty, don’t try to beg your way back in, just move on. If and when time permits they will come back. If not, know you did your part and have peace.

The cause of most changes is time. People grow up, have families, careers, move away and etc. Their surrounds change, your surrounds change, and nothing is the same. You can know someone for years and in the blink of an eye things are different. Support them from a distance and be open, if you want to. And if and when the time comes and they want a piece of the friendship, give it to them, again if you want to. Don’t be shady though. Either way, appreciate what sticks around. Loyalty doesn’t leave, it just grows up.

Watching a Facebook fight…


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