Alicia Keys: No Makeup Mo Problems?

Alicia-Keys-Twitter-Elite-DailyDuring the VMAs, R&B singer, Alicia Keys, arrived with no makeup. She has this #NoMakeUp movement going. People are now giving her backlash and calling her annoying because she is choosing not to wear makeup. What is makeup anyway? Who came up with the concept of hiding one’s beauty behind foundation? I love the movement and here is why.

First of all, the ideology behind wearing makeup falls into the world of fancy. This idea of perfection and #Flawlessness was created to hide what people call imperfections. However, our individuality comes from these imperfections and flaws. So for Keys to claim her identity and womanhood without hiding it behind foundation, this makes her incredible.

I do not think Keys set out to make people feel bad about not wearing makeup. She’s always been a positive voice on self-acceptance and self-love. To shame her for loving herself and not being fearful of her “flaws” is cowardly of anyone. In fact, it is not only brave of her to go without makeup but it is also very mature.

These days people go out of their way to wear a ton of makeup to the point where they don’t even look like themselves. Have you seen these makeup tutorials? These chicks look completely different after they’ve put on makeup. It’s kinda scary actually. So for a woman else to decide, no, I’m going to look like myself for a change, she gets shamed? GTFOH!

preen-alicia-keys-no-makeup-in-common-paola-kudacki1-e1465111154301Can you go without wearing makeup for a week? Last week, I went to work without makeup because I was in a rush. I mean, I teach 8AM classes all week. Sometimes a Boujie girl can ONLY grab her green tea and run. I walked in class and guess what? People still recognized me. Whatta ya know?

A preference is a preference is all I’m saying. The same can be said for hair weaves and wigs, eyelashes, nails and so on. Things that make us think we “look better” we should try to detach from. There is no shame in wearing makeup, wigs, weaves, lashes, nails and so on but there is also no shame not wearing them either. Can we please stop the hate?!

Peeling off my night mask…


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