And I’m Back with Less Shit

tumblr_mla4n8Zn9U1r8s5bto1_400There comes a time in a Boujie girl’s life when she just needs a break. Life didn’t hand me lemons this summer, it handed me shit. I choose to take a break from blogging because I had to get my shit (you know the one life handed me) together. I can’t tell you that everything is all good cause it’s not, in fact, it’s not all good but it’s different.

In life, when it hands you shit, it is better not to hate it. Whatever it is that caused all the rain, try not to live in regret and anger. You can work on removing it from your life, moving forward and accepting it, but spending energy on hating it doesn’t change the situation, fix the problem or make you feel any better. Give yourself a minute to be pissed then make a plan to move forward.

giphyFriendship and Shit
I’ve taken time to grieve my shit, remove some shit and revamp my shit. When you go through storms, I mean when you REALLY go through it, pay attention to who is there during some drizzle, rain, and who disappears when thunder roars its ugly head. The ones who continue to call after the hurricane, after your house is torn up, and even the ones who help clean up the mess, those are your friends. They’re the shit you need to keep in your life. Everyone who text and FB you their thoughts, they get downgraded from your life. You don’t have to remove them, but they certainly don’t deserve front seat once the sun comes back out.

The Sun Will Come Out
Unless you give up on life, and it’s not the boujie way to give up, you’ll get your royal ass up and climb back on the throne to rule again! This time, don’t waste time with peasants, jokers, clowns, lames, basics, bottoms, losers, users and the list goes on about people who aren’t on your level. Accept the war scars, cause we’ve got a few, and appreciate who and what you do have and what will come. We grow up, get smarter, make more money and look better. What more can you ask for after a hurricane of shit?

All in all, life is still good and so is God. I’m back to finish the year strong and kick more ass.

Flushing the toilet…

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