Angry Much?

3ec85-anigif_enhanced-buzz-9046-1355426472-1When someone we are close to does us wrong, we tend to turn away from them. Rightfully so because you were not created to be some kind of doormat. The fact that you stepped away from your loved one, because of they crossed you, is probably best for a little while. However, when they come crawling back or try to amend things with you, is your anger to the point of no forgiveness?

Sometimes what holds us back is not the ability to hold a grudge but the effects of holding the grudge. Being angry is a negative emotion that causes more damage than good. If someone wrongs you, it is better to forgive them and move on. People sometimes think forgiveness is a sign of weakness but it isn’t. In fact, it is a sign of strength. The ability to let go of pain and move on with your life in order to be happy comes from strength.

Just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean they hold the same position in your life. Your life is a train. Some people get VIP suites, others are passengers that come and go. You decide how you will deal with your passengers and where they sit. Holding a grudge means you still care. Even if it is that serious, let it go and cut them off. What happens to us when we choose not to forgive someone we cared about at some point is we end up with hard hearts. People can sense a bitter bitch.

grudgeIf you are in the mood of punishing, I have news for you. People will only take so much. If you know you want this person in your life at some point, even in anger sometimes you know, punishing them for too long can keep them away. People don’t always know how to mend things and they give up quicker when the blame is on them. Shame is a powerful drug. Think through it before you toss them out for good or for now…


Sending out love…

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