Another Facebook Rant

images-1There is no such thing as “It is complicated” in a relationship. Either you are together or you are not. If there is a gray area, then you are not. Do not leave yourself in an area where the other person can have the choice to choose someone else over you, while having you! That is just not the boujie way!

In a relationship, be it married or dating exclusively, couples have arguments and sometimes need breathing room. Breathing room doesn’t mean mess around, act a fool or you are half-single. It means you need to think about where to go because you are STILL in a relationship.

it-s-complicatedIf someone tells you they are in a complicated relationship, walk away. Do not waste your time on someone else’s confusion or shadiness. If you are in a complicated relationship, be sure that your partner knows you are still together! If they are unsure, decide if you want to wait in the wings while they make up their mind. Once you make that decision stick with it or you will drive yourself and partner crazy. If there is some shadiness going on with the complication, opt out even if it hurts. If they want you, they are going to fight for you. You are worth exclusivity and honesty.

Run and Tell That!


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