Are YOU the selfish Friend?

imagesOne of the many conflicts women tend to have are other women being selfish. Before any of you start pointing fingers and naming names, step back and look at yourselves. Are you the needy one who never asks how someone else is doing? Or perhaps you ask but don’t listen to their answer?

Everyone has problems, have life changes and are at different phrases in their lives. With that being said, just because you are going through something doesn’t mean the world is going to stop. In fact, it doesn’t, it moves on. When you are handling your business and going about your day, sometimes it is important to take notice of what and who is around you and offer them support. When you don’t, and start every conversation up about you and your day, this can be looked at as being selfish.

images-1Many women do not display their lives out for everyone to view. Therefore, when she is going through something, many people may not know. When a girlfriend comes around, stopping by the house or calling on the phone, listening to someone’s minor problems can further annoy her. To avoid this, ignore the phone calls. If you are realizing you are losing friends or are being sent to voicemail more often than before, look in the mirror. Everyone is not wrong if you are getting the same reaction. Avoid being the pest you can’t stand. Change is growth…

Ignoring my text messages as usual…


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