Artificial Balls?

couple_about_to-have_sex2011-bigWhen I think of cosmetic surgery, I think about boob jobs, face lifts, ass injections and so on. Sometimes cosmetic surgery is needed, like when I got my boobs done, I got them reduced. One thing that never comes to mind is if a guy has some kind of surgery. When I think of men having surgery, I’m thinking his knee, back or something caused by an injury. Never do I think cosmetic balls. What would you do if a man told you he had a fake ball or fake balls? While I don’t think it makes a difference sexually, I would be so fascinated by it.

This leads me to think, if a man was sick in anyway, is he dateable? Think about it, we women are nurturers by nature. It’s one thing to take care of our man if some illness falls on him but can we accept a man who already has something medical going on? Whether it is one ball, one leg, cancer or whatever, would it keep us from seeing him?

sick_man_art_400_20080825000730That’s a tough one to answer because we would like to think it wouldn’t bother us because as long as he’s a nice person it’s all good but you have to think about the extras that come with him. While I don’t think that makes someone less dateable, where you are in your life and how open you are to loving unconditionally, will decide if that person is worth the extras you’re going to have to put in the relationship. I mean some of us date men with baggage, brokenness, alcohol problems, infidelity problems or are just bat shit crazy. If we can put up with that can a man with medical problems hold us back?

We have to remember just because we’re healthy or are with someone healthy now doesn’t mean it stays that way. Sometimes, we look at the present state of people and decide on their value from where they are not thinking things could ever change. Rich can become poor and healthy can get sick. What is most important is meeting someone who’s a genuinely good person. I’ll be damned if I’m changing diapers on an asshole! Plus, you wouldn’t want someone to bail on you if life changed drastically. Choose wisely!

Looking at my life insurance policy…

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