Being Boujie Mack For 5 Years

11173417_10100398051239051_5953794943976387389_nI’ve had my blog for five years today. It started off as a space to write after my ex-husband and I were separating and that was the most painful experience I ever had. Now five years later, looking back to where it all started, it’s a faded memory. That’s what happens in life; we go through things and get through things. Here’s a little of what I’ve learned in the last five years of Being Boujie Mack.

I don’t and won’t take any shit from anyone
This isn’t something new but sometimes I can be timid. I’ve learned that I can be classy while telling someone fuck you. I don’t have to be loud and outrageous to get my point across. I’ll just put you in your damn place and place you out of my life. Plus, my absence and silence is a lot more powerful than anything I would say.

I care more about my body.
I have been on a healthy journey for a long time. I finally figured out what my niche it is, juicing, and I am living a healthier life. I also look and feel better. This month on I’m on another 30-day juice face. Join me?

Boys are dumb and you can easily get another one.
finish with one, after some time, another comes and you forget about the other one. The older you get the quicker you deal with heartbreak and the quicker you move on from it. I’ve also learned, men are assholes. Yes, that’s a jab.

10269489_10100199234679031_380689839171954073_nI can say what I want because I’m Boujie Mack.
Blogging takes a lot of work. Sometimes I have to interview, sometimes I research, then I have to post and edit. It takes time and effort but because I love it, I work hard at making sure my blog is the bomb for myself and peoples. I say what I want and refuse to use any filters dammit!

I drink more wine.
No explanation needed.

It takes a lot to be me but I’m proud of it. I’m proud that I have two master degrees, starting a career in film and TV, a published writer and full time Boujie Girl. After all that is what being a Boujie Girl is all about, being proud of your accomplishments, knowing who you are and loving yourself. Anything else is just not the Boujie way!

Boujie Mack

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