Your Bestie Your New Boss

rizzoli.and_.isles_.s02.bSome people have no problem when their friends/co-workers become promoted and they are over them. They are secure within themselves and position to be ok with the fact that their friend is now their new boss. However, there are those of us who think we are ok with it until our friend does something “boss like” and my, my, my, things change!

When friends offer you to come work for them, it can be a good thing or a bad one. It would have to depend on the type of job and position. If I know how this person manages people and I don’t like how they do it, there is no way I’m going after that position. However, if you understand your friends work ethics, why not? Better your boss/friend who tell you what to do than some random asshole who doesn’t appreciate you.

mcx-doll-and-em-4-articleThe cons with working with a friend, who becomes your boss, is the friendship may not last. You may not like your friend as a boss. It may seem like a good idea at first but ask yourself if it is worth the friendship? Business and friendship don’t always mix well. Working underneath someone is not the same as working with them. The slight attitude change or tone of voice can soon become a problem between you. God forbid your friend fire you; the friendship will be over.

At the same time, you, as a friend, are one person; as an employee, you are likely completely different person. I can get lazy when I’m at work, we call can. We also hate when the boss sees us lounging around on the company dollar and “finds something for us to do” like some stupid tedious task. Your friend may not like the “the employee” you are and that can make working with YOU uncomfortable.

All in all, working with friends can be fun. Working underneath them is something different. If you think you can handle it, go for it. Be sure to have an honest talk with your friend to see if this is something you both can handle. If you do it, don’t abuse being the boss’s bestie. Other co-workers will notice and believe me you will get the, “you can’t sit with us” death glare…

Weighing my options…
Boujie Mack

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