Boujie Girl of the Week: Charlene Carmel

I’m young, fresh and really no one can touch me right now!

Ever go to a wedding or a decked out event and ask, who came up with this? A lot of the time when we go out somewhere to enjoy ourselves we are wowed by the décor of the place, especially when it is a special event.

Charlene Carmel is the hottest event planner in Boston. She can turn an empty box into the hottest spot anyone has ever seen. The Massachusetts native has a niche for style and a uniqueness this is très chic. Being a style icon herself, she knows how to plan a party! If you are ever in the Boston scene, look around for the double C’s logo. You just might find the busy CEO in her Gucci stilettos with the matching purse telling her waiters to keep the drinks filled and double-checking the lighting. Who else knows how to have a good time but Charlene Carmel?

What do you do?
I am a special events facilitator

What motivates you to do what you do?
It’s really my passion. I didn’t realize I loved doing what I did until years after I started. Event planning is really a genuine love for making things happen.

How did you know you wanted to be in this business?
The business found me. When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I remember wanting to make some money. My best friend and I, Melissa-

Another Boujie Girl?
HA! Yes, another Boujie Girl! (She smiles and laughs.) I picked out the type of cookies we should sell. We agreed on how we were going to package the cookies. We hired my mom to bake the cookies and worked out a way to pay her back. We sold the cookies at our event (in front of my house) where we told all of our friends to come buy our cookies. We used the word of mouth technique to push for sales. We saw how this worked and then Melissa and I decided to try to start a babysitters club, like the Ann M Martin series. We had flyers made, came up with a marketing and business plan. We even had plenty of clients to start our business with.

The business found me…

Well, what happened with that?
Who knows, I was 11 and something else caught my eye. I remember my 6th grade end of the year party. I planned everything from the food, games and how I wanted my backyard to look. I, even from that age, made sure I had a theme no one else had for a party. We had a “lets get ready for middle school” theme. Us girls were no longer going to be wearing jumpers and we were now going to wear button down shirts with plaid vest and skirts. Did I mention I went to a catholic school for 9 years? (She smiles shyly) All the girls were supposed to wear skirts at the party to celebrate our freedom from the jumper uniforms we had to wear since kindergarten.

You came up with all of this?
This was all my idea. I made sure my dad had the grass cut and my mom had the perfect finger foods. You know, popular chips and such. I picked out the kinds of plastic plates, with matching cups, spoons, forks and knives. My mom wanted sporks but I thought it was tacky and said hell no!

By the time I was graduating from Northeastern University with my bachelors, I threw this huge party at a club. Most people hire party planners but I was very hands on with my own party. I was in control of every single detail down to the balloons, napkins, guest list and party favors. I worked with my friends to make sure everything went smoothly so the night was excellent. Needless to say, me shutting down a major club in Boston was not easy at all, but I managed to have a packed house of 200 of my closest friends all celebrating my major accomplishment. It is one thing to get ready for a huge party but to be the one throwing it and running the show -that is no easy task but I loved every minute of it. It’s like a crazy rush!

I can imagine! Don’t you ever get tired?
I learned that this was something I just loved doing. I didn’t mind the long hours and even the stress because I can see an outcome that was going to be perfect for me and it’s this.

What attracted you to your business?
I am a techy at heart. I love new innovations and trends. I am constantly learning about lighting, draping and decorations that are elaborating to the scene. This always amaze me.

Who are your icons of success in your field?
Bryan Rafanelli! He is Boston based. His company is the meca of the industry. He is the one who did Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. I love how he is Boston based and how he started off. He never has the same theme twice. David Tutera who is the wedding planner of all wedding planners. He can make anything happen no matter what the budget looks like!

What makes you stand out against your competition?
Competition? Please! I don’t concentrate on other event planners. I focus on every client/event solely. I am with my clients before the event, during and after. I am with them during the entire production and am very involved. I am very hands on and try not to do anything twice like some of my idols. It is unlikely that I repeat anything I do. I love to do things different and every one of my events is spectacular. I’m young,  fresh and really no one can touch me right now!

What do you see for yourself in the future?
I don’t like 5-year plans nor do I like 10-year plans, but in lucky number 7 years, I want to build a Charlene Carmel brand. I want to be known for my name, not just my government but I want someone to look at what I’ve done and say, “That is a Charlene Carmel production for sure.” I want a home-based office in Boston and a small team who share the same passion I have with event planning.

What do you do during your time off?
I am constantly working. However, when I do have time, which is limited, I love to practice my music. I love fitness and health and I’m into wellness to better myself for longevity. I keep up with the newest trends of fashion and editorials.

A Boujie Girls World

Who are you style icons?
The looks that inspire me the most is Kim Kardasians look. There is never a look that I don’t like. I like her ripped jeans, jacket and tops that she wears. She is very classy. Jennifer Lopez also is a style icon I like too.

What Boujie girl on TV do you relate to?
Haha! My girlfriends always tease me about this. Joan Clayton from the show “Girlfriends”! I have similar mannerisms and a way of thinking like Joan, I can see it but I don’t completely agree.

When shopping, would you choose a major store or boutique?
A boutique. I love a good find and pieces that have to be added on to complete a look. I love things you don’t find anywhere else.

What is something about you that no one knows about you?
Well if I told you everyone would know.. **giggles**

HAHA! How about this, something someone wouldn’t know about you just off the bat?
I am a classical pianist. I have been playing since I was 5 years old.

Now the question everyone wants to know… What makes you a Boujie girl?!
I am a Boujie Girl because I love labels. I am self-proclaimed label whore!

I focus on every client/event solely.

Find this Boujie Girl running around Boston in the latest fashion, on her cell phone planning the next big event you want to be at!
For bookings & inquiries…
Her Current projects are: October wedding. theme : Shabby Chic

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