Boujie Girl Of the Week: M Cassandra Pascal

If you are going to see me, you are going to see me shining like a Diamond, not a dusty rock!

M. Cassandra Pascal is the Underestimated Diamond; a woman of high standards and strength.  Born in the historical town of Boston, Massachusetts, she has every intention to mark her name in history as a writer who is expressive, honest, and victorious. The Underestimated Diamond is very proud of her Haitian heritage.  She was born of two wonderful parents that taught her about strength and courage. From them she inherited self-love and faith in God, the biggest weapons against all obstacles.

Underestimated’s passion for writing started when she was 10 years old.  She recalls having to memorize and recite poetry every week in school.  Little did she know, these weekly assignments of non-stop repetition would lay the foundation for a poet and writer in the making.  Over the years, Underestimated wrote several poems for school papers, community projects, churches, and non-profit organizations.  During her college years, Underestimated had a great opportunity to really display her talent during a poetry reading for Black History Month.  “I will always remember my very first reading,” she says, “because my poem ‘Still Walking’ brought the audience to tears.”  “Still Walking” became Underestimated Diamond’s signature poem, reflecting her views on life.

After facing some unexpected obstacles and remaining silent for a while, Underestimated turned once again to writing, this time as a source of healing. Writing became her therapy, renewing her faith in God, turning her into a woman of grace and true inner beauty.  Today, writing remains her true devotion, leading to breakthroughs of unlimited expression.  She uses her fears as ammunition against the chains that held her down in the past. “The pen flows through the paper like the water flowing down the river; my water is pure and honest. My words shine.  As the Underestimated Diamond, I want to harvest my blessing and present to you my true reflection.”

Boujie Underestimated Diamond

What exactly do you do?
Community Activist, Writer, and Poet.

Community Activist?
I assist with a lot of non-profits. I help with event coordinating, social media marketing, and general marketing. I have been doing this for about 10 years now.

What is your motivation behind it?
Honestly, it is to encourage other people and some times to encourage myself. For myself, it is like harvesting the blessing that was giving to me. I want to help the hopeless no longer feel helpless. That is where the Underestimated Diamond comes from.

Is that what your name means?
Yes! Many times other people are underestimated. God knows I’ve been overlooked many times. As for the diamond part, if you think about it, a diamond is what blooms after the cold and pressure is put under it. It is valuable, and for many, a prized possession. That’s me all day. My passion comes from breaking the barriers. Everyone who needs a voice can be heard through me.

Did you always have this passion growing up?
For writing, it came by itself. The interest was always there and I knew that since elementary school. I was forced to memorize the poems fairly fast, but for me I didn’t mind, it came second nature. I loved studying poems because it brought out my writing skills. I copied how the writers expressed themselves and it turned into something I could do myself.

You are a Boston Girl! What is it about Boston that builds who you are?
Because Boston is so historical, it is a proactive city. Think about it, history shows the Tea Party, Bunker Hill, Paul Revere have made much of what this country was built on. This list goes on to ground breaking people such as Malcolm X and Dr. King, who have all have lived here and changed history drastically. People from Boston are smart business savvy people who are about what they need to do. We get it together and do things big.

**High Five**

What attracted you into doing what you do?
When I started to see the reactions from other people who read my work it pushed me. One of my best known pieces called, “Stone Walking” I recited it for black history month. I finished reciting it and looked up. My audience was in tears. I was shocked! I didn’t know how to handle all the attention I was getting. So many people came up to me and commented on everything I said. Then in college, my English teacher stressed me out pushing me so hard. She did it because she thought I had a skill. As years went by, I bettered skills in writing to the point when I can say I have some serious talent.

What keeps you going?
It’s the feedback, especially from my blog. People from Haiti, India, South Korea are responding to my blog, even New Yorkers. I know I’m serving my purpose when I hear their reactions and comments. It drives me.

Who are you icons of success?
Writers like Iyanla Vanzant are iconic. I love how she divinely expresses herself. She knows how to write and when you read it you feel the flow of her emotions. My writing is very similar. I also love Edwidge Dunticant. I remember reading her books since high school. I love how she teaches and educates at the same time. That is something I picked up as well because I want to educate through my writing too. Michele Jessica Fievre is the secretary of women writers under Haitian decent. I love being apart of that group because it is such an honor. People do not put that kind of title under women with that kind of decent.

Being that you are so busy, as a triple threat, when do you have time off?
Um…I’m working on that! Dance ministry is where I am relaxing during my time off. It used to be an outlet to relieve myself from things, but it ended up becoming more of a hobby. My voluntary position turned into a board member position, but I love it! There is never a time when I’m not being creative. I’m currently working with a foundation trying to give back to Haiti. I try, during my spare time, to helping others. It is more satisfying to help others than to sit at home and relax.

That is very virtuous of you. Giving is relaxing for you?
Yes! As crazy as that sounds it is very relaxing.

What do you see in your future?
I always want to give back to my HOME HOME, my original culture. Currently right now, I’m working with a different organizations to help with educating and caring for the less fortunate youth. Kids are not getting doors opened for them. These organizations are helping to open these doors. They also reach out to help people in Haiti.

What is your style when you are performing either dance or poetry?
I must always look upscale classy. I’m not really trying to be a huge trendsetter, but it is important that I make a lasting impression. If you see me, you will see the best of me, especially when I am performing. If you are going to see me, you are going to see me shining like a Diamond, not a dusty rock!

Are there any loves in your life?
Oh love! Right now, I’m just focusing on me. I’ve learned from life that you gain a lot of wisdom from the mistakes that you’ve made. When it comes to love, it is one of those things that I’m going to treat like poetry. I must have the right title, right structure, the rhythm and rhyme for it to be solid. Other than that, it is just a rough draft. I’m not going to rush it. There will be a moment and I will wait for him and know it will be perfect when it is complete. With time and patience I will have my Final Draft.

There will be a moment and I will wait for him and know it will be perfect when it is complete. With time and patience I will have my Final Draft.

Your newsletter, “Get Up On the Wall” what is that?
The secret is it came from an internal frustration within myself and everything around me. I told God I’m tired! I told God I was going to talk to Him face to face. I knew I didn’t know what God’s face looked like, so I found the biggest wall in my apartment. I went to that wall, as if it were God himself, and Cried out! I let everything out and fell down. I heard Him say, “Get up.” I looked at the wall and asked Him, what do you want me to do? I need a stronger connection. So the wall became my quiet place. I was scared to pray and didn’t know how, but the wall helped me come out of my shell and be a powerful prayer warrior. I grew to have a stronger relationship with God by getting up on the wall.

The purpose of the newsletter was to encourage others to get up on the wall. It is supposed to teach people that if you don’t like where you are, get up, and claim your day. Do not blame anyone or anything until you get up and declare you day no matter what happened. The wall is where I spiritually talk to God. I share with people what I hear from God. The newsletter sometimes can be controversial because I talk about real things: suicide, pregnancy, depression, death, hurt, pain, love, sex, happiness, anything real. I am a real person and just because I’m not creaming screaming, “praise the Lord!” every singe second doesn’t make me a sinner! There are times when I am attacked and I need to express that. I need to help people build that relationship with God by being honest with themselves without all the church and holiness that can come with it.

What makes me a boujie girl is the fact that I can still show up to an event, be present, even if I’m not a headliner, and own the show. I don’t need acknowledgment or compliments to call myself a Diamond, a writer, or a poet. This is my dream no matter what you say, do, or feel, this is a door I’m going to open not matter how many times it tries to shut. The fact that I go over the top and feed to my audience daily with my thoughts shows my dedication. You are going to say I’m consistent and she is who she is. Being Boujie to me is knowing no matter what is going on, hurricane, storms, good days, bad days, I will never remove the title Underestimated Diamond.

Find this Boujie Girl performing poetry or dancing at some upscale event spreading education and bringing hope to others.
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