Boujie Girl Of the Week: DJ Laa Choc

"What makes me ultimate is that I am a full-time princess."

“What makes me ultimate is that I am a full-time princess!”

In the clubs or at an event, we are bobbing our heads to beat, rhythm and music. We sometimes look up to see who is at the spin table. We shout, “Go DJ!” when our song comes on. Sometimes we sing “Heeyyy!” cause they know how to make us move. Other times, we look and think, ”Wait…who’s that?” If at any time the beat drops and you see a pair of stiletto shoes that match a stylish outfit with headphones controlling the room, it’s got to be the one and only DJ Laa Choc!

She hails from a city where music legends are born. Laa Choc received her official start as the feisty co-host of Detroit’s 107.5 FM’s “On Air Heat” weekly talk show. Audiences gravitated toward her witty humor and blunt opinions, which fueled this lady’s drive to do exactly what she loved. The Detroit native always had a gift for entertaining a crowd.

What motivates you as a DJ?

Being able to incorporate my love for music to my love for entertaining others really motivates me.

Is being a Female DJ harder?

Sometimes. Here’s the thing, as a female DJ people can question your skills just because you are a female. On the other hand, people tend to be nicer because of how you look. It’s not an easy job; I put just as much work into DJ-ing as other DJ’s both male and female do. I don’t over think work being harder because I’m a woman; I think about giving each gig my best.  

What attracted you to this business?

At first, I thought it was more of a hobby. I thought it was cool. When I actually started and got better at it, it turned into so much more than that.

Your name, Laa Choc, does it stand for anything in particular?

Laa is a shortened version of LaLa, which is a family nickname. Choc is a shorted version of the word chocolate because I’m chocolate! (She giggles and smiles)

Who are your idols or people you look at for inspiration?

Wow, I have so many! My favorites are DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jazzy Joyce, Pet Rock, Spinderella and some of the newer ones. I look up to anyone who has a lot of creative skills.

What makes you HOT?

I’m good at what I do. I study my craft and perfect it. I know how to read my crowd and know how to really rock them. I spin in high heels and cute outfits for hours and hours. I am very girlie and that in itself helps me to stand out as a lady DJ.

Speaking of shoes and outfits, do you have a specific style?

I like to be sexy but comfortable. If I’m going to stand up in high heels for hours, I need to be comfortable. My outfits are fashionable; it is a must to have my hair looking fabulous and I have to have a fresh face when I’m working. All in all it boils down to my looks and how I feel and that is confident not uncomfortable. I can’t imagine working and worrying about how I look or my feet hurting, if I do it takes away from what I’m doing and that’s a no-no. 

What else do you do?

I am a freelance writer and editor. I do not cover specific topics; I like to write about a variety of things.

What are some interesting facts about you that people wouldn’t know just off the bat?

I’m a nerd at heart. DJ Laa Choc is the alter ego. I’m an intellectual book girl, straight A student with an investment banker background. I’m a sexy nerd.

Now, what everyone wants to know, what makes you an Ultimate Boujie Girl?

I am the perfect mixture of style, lady, Bougie (of course) and class all into one. That is the perfect woman to me. What makes me ultimate is that I am a full-time princess.

“I study my craft and perfect it.”

You can catch DJ Laa Choc spinning in different cities at fashion, corporate and entertainment events or penning her thoughts for several publications while wearing 5-inch stilettos and lip-gloss!

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