Maya_with_bookDr. Maya Angelou, author, poet, and scholar, recently passed May 28 at the age 86. There is a lot we can take from her death, past the poems and books. We can take how she lived. The things she did to add to her life and how she impacted the lives of others.

It took me a while to write a post about her because I truly was sad by her death but happy at the same time. She lived a whole life and did a lot to become legendary. There is a lot to be said about her that I don’t need to rehash but what I will appreciate is the gentle classy figure she has been to me and many other women. She was very classy and proud of who she was.

What makes her a boujie girl is she embodied just what we all stand for. She was bold, proud of who she was and made no apologies about what she wanted and expected from people and herself. We can learn a lot from that. For that reason, Dr. Maya Angelou, is the BOUJIE GIRL OF THE MONTH.

Flip the scrip for one of my favorite videos.. Rest in Peace Queen. NEXT PAGE!

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