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“The Ways” are a Boujie Girl Guide of how to survive this crazy world and maintain her boujieness. There are things and people to tolerate, things to accept, and things & people to reject. Maintain your cool and remember somethings need to be the Boujie Way!

Cool Gifts for Him for Valentine’s Day


  With Valentine’s Day just two days away, other than getting ready to go out and have fun together, you may want to think about getting your main squeeze a gift. The problem with this is Christmas just came and passed, if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or other winter holidays,…

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Hump Day Files: Eat What?!


Because I have been asked this question so many times, I am finally going to address it. Bookmark this post because I’m going to only address it once. This whole “toss his salad” thing, when a man wants you to put your face in his behind is not a new…

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Fun Friday: Game Night


The best thing about Friday is well it’s Friday. Even if you work on the weekends, less people to deal with and just the overall atmosphere are better unless you work at a prison. So after work, it is just fine to unwind, have a bottle to relax and have…

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Pity Proposal


There comes a time in a relationship when a man and a woman decide it is time to take things a step further and make it not only official but legalize your love. He might get down on one knee and propose. Show up with a ring over dinner. He…

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Top Things We Hope Disappear in 2014


Kanye West and his mouth                   Justin Bieber… Period               Miley Cyrus’s Tongue                   Thick drawn on eyebrows                    …

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New Year Eve: Go Out or Stay In?


Tonight is the last night of 2013. Your resolutions, past problems, current problems are going to be here or gone by tomorrow. As for tonight, how are you going to bring the year in? There are a lot of things you can do, depending on the area you live in….

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Expect Him to buy Your Kids Gifts?


When you are dating a man, if he chooses to buy your kids gifts then you should take them. However, if the both of you just started dating, don’t hold your breath. There are certain things you need to think about when you are dating a man and you have…

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Buy His Kids Presents?


When you are dating a man with kids, when the holidays come around, there is a moment when you ask yourself if you should buy his kids presents. As much as this is a nice gesture, it may not always be the best idea. There are rules to dealing with…

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Frenemies, Lurkers, and the Phony…


Nothing is worse than coming back from a nice break from work and having to you know… work. Most of you have either spent more money than you can afford because of the wonderful Black Friday sales. Some of you could be in jail because of the Black Friday sales….

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Black Friday Madness


Most stores are going to be open at 8pm, Thanksgiving night, for their Black Friday sales event. Personally, I can’t even stand the crowd at the airport, let alone refrain from fighting someone for stuff in the store. My suggestion, if you are going shopping in the store, bring people…

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Don’t Give Up on New Year Resolutions Just Yet


As we are coming to the end of the year and the holidays have officially arrived, people are making plans for the coming year. But what about the ones you made for this year? Unless you accomplished every one, it is important that you at least give it one more…

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25 Things Boujie Girls Will Never Admit To


   There are not many things we are shameful about because we are proud women who live up to our own standards. However, there does come a point in when you have to admit to these things if to even yourself. 1 Lie about the number of people we have…

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Where is my coffee!


Other than the constant buffoonery we deal with when we go to work, (or school for some) there is the occasional co-worker (or classmate) we just cannot stand. There is nothing they can do to please us. Even when they sneeze it’s infuriating. When you have an annoying colleague you…

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Are You Too Much of a Princess?


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a queen. In fact, I encourage all women to embrace their inner princesses.  However, there is a time and a place for it. Some women can find themselves so high up on their horses that they lose consciousness of reality….

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12 Things People Do To Annoy Us


Monday is one of the most hated days of the week. I think it is because people are reminded that they now have to deal with foolishness all over again, usually at a place (work) they’d rather not be. A part of the annoyance we face each week comes from…

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