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“The Ways” are a Boujie Girl Guide of how to survive this crazy world and maintain her boujieness. There are things and people to tolerate, things to accept, and things & people to reject. Maintain your cool and remember somethings need to be the Boujie Way!

After the Party are the Flip Flips


Nothing annoys me more than when I see women walking barefoot outside after they have left some outing, event, club, bar or whatever. It is so tacky and not the boujie way! Thank God someone had enough sense to come up with this little invention called fold-able flats and flip-flops….

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Eyebrow Drawings Overkill


Most women when they wear makeup sometimes draw in their eyebrows. There is nothing wrong with it because you want to give your face a nice balance. When your eyebrows are cleaner, there is something about it that lifts your face. The problem is women are going overboard with the…

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Hump day Files: How to Ask For Papers


When you are getting to the intimate part of your relationship, there is a moment when you have to wonder if this person is clean. We all know that a person can look healthy all day but that doesn’t mean they are. It is always important to really get to…

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11 Guys to Avoid for the Rest of the Year


It is becoming painfully obvious that foolery is continuing to run rampant in the streets. There are these type of men who continue to approach boujie girls without checking themselves. It seems like they ran out of fucT%#$% to give and have grown the biggest balls I’ve ever seen. To…

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Hump Day Files: Toys or No Toys??


I wasted my time watching Basketball Wives, just one episode though; I’ve given up on that show a long time ago. The ladies decided to give one of the wives (the only one on the show who’s married) a bag of dildos since her man is constantly gone. If you…

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Is Your Family Affecting the Way You Live Your Life?


A part of being a boujie girl is handling your own business and not waiting for a handout. There is nothing wrong with asking for things and getting some extra help if you need it. In fact, it is not the boujie way to keep the lips zipped if you…

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Who’s Selfish!? ME???


Unless you’ve been a state of being in dire need, you don’t know what it’s like to struggle and have that friend who is sitting on privileges just boast about it. There is nothing worse than going through hard times and listening to someone complain about their manicure not being…

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Weekend Dress Up


It’s Friday and some of you have already send your emails out that you are going to be sick on Monday. As you plan your weekend and weekend outfits, it is important to remember that going out and having a good time doesn’t consist of being messy, slutty or trashy….

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Birthday Blues?


Every year that goes by we are realizing the days are getting shorter and so is our energy. After you turn 25, life as we know it seems to go down hill, doesn’t it? Time flies and everything around you suddenly changes. Sometimes you feel like you are at a…

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DATING ALERT: Men Signing Away their Rights?


Men with a child or children make you want to raise your eyebrows before dating them. The questions you want to know are if they take care of these kids, what is the relationship like with the mother and if he is a deadbeat dad. But what if he signed…

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The Gimmy Girl


During lunch with a friend of mine, she was talking about the scary thought of being a “gimmy girl”. We started talking about what a gimmy girl was and I’m not sure that is such a bad thing to be. A gimmy girl is a woman who is not afraid…

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The Nerve of of Some Chicks…


Supposedly Lamar Odom has been cheating on his wife with multiple women. Where have we seen foolery, with an athlete, like this before? Smh. The other woman has come out and said his wife, Khloé Kardashian found them in a hotel room and is very violent. Umm.. excuse me but…

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Multiple Baby Showers Tacky?


In the olden days, it was not considered polite to have multiple baby showers after you already had a child. With people having babies in so many different ways and times, have the rules changed? Is it ok to throw a baby shower every time you are pregnant and ready…

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7 Survival Guides to Save The Boujie Ones


There is always a moment when women can completely lose their minds. In fact, they can easily find themselves in a situation where they are so fearful for their lives that they pull out all stops to protect themselves. In this case, what is a boujie girl to do? Do…

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Why Declaring Your Abstinence Isn’t A Good Idea


There are many women who have decided to shut the factory down in order to wait for Mr. Right Forever. Waiting is excellent. It eliminates the need of worrying about unwanted pregnancies, STD’s or worse… the fact that you gave it up to a loser! There are spiritual walks, growth…

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