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“The Ways” are a Boujie Girl Guide of how to survive this crazy world and maintain her boujieness. There are things and people to tolerate, things to accept, and things & people to reject. Maintain your cool and remember somethings need to be the Boujie Way!

12 MEN to avoid in 2012


I went in pretty hard on the ladies we need to avoid for the New Year, now it’s time to tackle the fellez. Quit frankly, I’m mad at myself for making this list so short but I do plan on writing a book about all this so don’t worry ladies,…

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10 Signs You are A Boujie Girl

10: You have no problem being the well-educated woman you are 9: If you earned it you know you deserve to have it, that means nice cars, updated apartments and condos, big beautiful homes, expensive bags, and overseas weaves 8: You do not look forward to going to the “hood”…

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I won’t be playing with “The Game”

I have expressed my dislike for reality TV lately but I forgot to talk about “The Game”. I too was counting down when they would return on BET. I even signed a petition, but now I want to sign to have them off the air!

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12 Women to Avoid in 2012

I am all about “sisterhood” and sistas doing it for themselves but I’ve seen a lot of crap in 2011 that do not follow this boujie girl’s laws. Some of you “sistas” need to get some help and change your nasty attitudes and ways or you are not going to…

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Top 15 Things You Can Expect from a Boujie Girl

15 Things you should learn about a Boujie Girl…

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