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Moving Back in with Your Parents….


The economy and life is tough. The older you get, the more responsibilities you have to face daily. Sometimes we look around and see between paying bills and possibly saving a little bit of money, we don’t have anything to show. This becomes very frustrating. The idea of a break…

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Why Your Boo Shouldn’t Borrow Money


Every now and then you might be short some cash and your significant other may be short a few bucks. Those are times when it is fine to give them the extra they need. When it comes to big time money, such as paying for a car note or help…

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Why It’s OK to Splurge


In today’s economy, “throwing it in the bag” is not always an option for those of us who are on a tight budget. Bills need to get paid, money has to be spent on things that are a necessity and you have to get into the habit of saving money….

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Tipping Behavior

If you are going to head out, be sure to bring extra cash. It is very tacky to not tip people who are doing you a service. This includes valet, hairdressers, restaurant servers and even the people at the buffet. You tip because it is the right thing to do…

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When Boujie Girls Network

Nothing beats going out to a networking event only to pile up businesses cards and do nothing with them. For many people, meeting strangers is awkward. If you want to get ahead with anything, you are going to have to move out of the “I’m shy” phase and go for…

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Cheap Investments…Not the Boujie Way!

Have you ever given someone an odd look because they pull out a flip phone? You have to think to yourself, they sell updated free ones at the store. It is so important that you invest in yourself properly. I do not mean you have to go out and buy…

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