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People are already predicting Beyonce’s new album, “4” is likely to flop. Boujie Lourds has the in on the leaked new album. Is it a good buy?

“Over all I like it….I would give it 3 stars….I like it better then “I am Sasha…. Fierce” my favorite songs are “I care”, “Imiss you”, “party” …I like “love on top” end of time” and “I was here” ….not big fans of “rather die young”, and “best thing I never had”….I think imma put “countdown” in my favorites list not sure yet but I like it and maybe “start over” has to grow on me ….but over all 3 stars in a half! I like it I would recommend it to people…..I feel she has a bit of old school feel to her songs like with 1+1 its has a bit of a cadillac records throwback feel….I especially like the album because she gave me some ballads and I love my ballads….she gave a little for everybody with it not being all over the place the album is about love and I felt with Sasha Fierce it was jumbled…..but great album!!!” 

Your thoughts?

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