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Why Your Professionalism Should Stay On Facebook


Gone are the days when people said, “It’s just Facebook” and there is nothing to take seriously when it comes to FB. Yeah, it’s not true anymore. The truth is people judge you on and off Facebok, Twitter, blogs (ahem) and so on. If you are in a field where…

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Hump Day Files: Toys but Not Boys?

Whoop - de - doo Sex Toys for Women by Anna Mareov_0

Some women like to try new things in the bedroom. While I think it is healthy to be spontaneous and adventurous, especially after you’ve been together for a while, it is important to know where your partner stands. Not every man gets excited when he sees a rabbit. So if…

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Hump Day Files: Why We Touch Ourselves

masturbate-woman in jeans

One of the common secrets women keep from one another or discuss secretly is masturbation. Why are we so shy about discussing times when we pleasure ourselves? There are religious reasons why women don’t do it or talk about it. Other times we feel shameful about discussing it because we…

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Editorial: Being Mary Shame


I was going to refrain from going off about this Being Mary Jane show on BET that I can not stop watching, but I can’t take it anymore. I just watched a BET promotion for Being Mary Jane of women explaining why they were like character Mary Jane. I thought I was having a nightmare….

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Hump Day Files: Eat What?!


Because I have been asked this question so many times, I am finally going to address it. Bookmark this post because I’m going to only address it once. This whole “toss his salad” thing, when a man wants you to put your face in his behind is not a new…

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Pity Proposal


There comes a time in a relationship when a man and a woman decide it is time to take things a step further and make it not only official but legalize your love. He might get down on one knee and propose. Show up with a ring over dinner. He…

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Hump day Files: What’s His Number?


Once you have decided to have sex with your partner, one of the most important questions we start to wonder is who came before you. The older we get, the less likely you are going to find someone who is a virgin. So when you get with a guy, even…

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Top Things We Hope Disappear in 2014


Kanye West and his mouth                   Justin Bieber… Period               Miley Cyrus’s Tongue                   Thick drawn on eyebrows                    …

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Expect Him to buy Your Kids Gifts?


When you are dating a man, if he chooses to buy your kids gifts then you should take them. However, if the both of you just started dating, don’t hold your breath. There are certain things you need to think about when you are dating a man and you have…

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Will the mistress ever be accepted?


With so much talk on mistresses having a better hand when it comes to relationships, one has to wonder what life is like after they become, well the main woman. If a man decided to make his mistress honorable by marrying or her claiming her is his woman, does the…

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