Boujie Girl Creed

A Boujie Girl is a champion player in the game of life,
Words like “uppity”, “stuck-up” or “sadiddy” don’t affect her,
Because of her upscale demeanor and beauty,
Class reflects who she is as a woman.

A Boujie Girl is not ashamed to be privileged,
She is proud of everything she has,
She knows lack of “street cred” does not define her deepness,
Connections, money, education and a strong family only deepen her roots.

A Boujie Girl has intelligence and her looks only command the attention she receives,
A Boujie Girl’s strategic actions plot every step she takes,
A Boujie Girl’s confidence paves her path of success.

A Boujie Girl believes and knows her place at the top,
Because she knows her worth,
Settling for someone or something is not an option.

People will look, they will whisper, deep down inside,
Everyone will want to be her,
Anyone less is behind her, the greatest stand beside her,
A Boujie Girl answers to no one, but the Creator.

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3 thoughts on “Boujie Girl Creed

  1. Love this, girl! Walk proudly and know that no matter what anyone says, you are amazing!

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