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Why Are Breakups So Embarrassing?


I remember being a college freshman and had this boo then we broke up… I just wanted to die. I hated telling people I was single again like it was a plague. But when I got divorce, I had a party and paraded the fact that I was a single…

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Blasting Your Ex… Again

I remembered seeing Kim Kardashian blast her ex on her TV show years ago and said blasting your ex is never a good idea. (Blog 2010) I now see in the media and other blogs that Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, is blasting her ex and his new girlfriend, calling…

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HUMP DAY: IN A Relationship


When you are dating, you tend to keep a low profile on your love life because things are up in the air and nothing is permanent or official. It’s better to keep it that way because you certainly don’t want to shy away potentials or talk about something or someone…

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Rihanna Behavior Leave You Single?


Tamera Mowry was recently misquoted by when she supposedly criticized Grammy award winner and platinum pop singer Rihanna and claiming men are not likely to marry you if you are displaying slutty “ratchet” behavior when soul mate searching. Ok, it is not the boujie way to leave your goodies out for display because…

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No Take Backs!


There is a lot f buzz going on in the reality show world, one being the show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. One of the story lines includes a woman who recently got engaged to a rapper, with whom she has a child with. In the midst of a heated…

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Your Degree Doesn’t Make You Single…Your Mouth Does

For the ladies who wonder if their degrees are intimidating men, step back for a second. When you meet a possible mate, what do you talk about? Are you quicker to boast about your accomplishments or who you are? Things you like to do or your career objectives? var hupso_services_t=new…

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Blasting My Ex

Wrap your minds around this, when it’s over, it’s just that over. Get excited about better. If you thought that person was the shit, imagine what’s to come. Usually in the near future you realize they really were not all that they were cracked up to be anyways, but you can now chop it up to life’s experience. Sorry Reggie, you sexy motha….

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