Breast Reductions and Implants

0KENSome people would find it hard to believe I actually used to wear a size G-H bra size. Depending on my weight, I am between a D or C. Breast reductions are mainly for the body frame and it, like breast implants, can boost confidence. Whatever you choose to do with your body, make sure it is your choice.

The benefits of breast reduction are to give the frame of the woman more of a balance. The reduced weight in the breast takes off the strain off her back and allows her to be better portioned. What I always liked about having a breast reduction is I got to wear cuter bras and nicer shirts. I was so top heavy that I looked just weird. When I finally got my reduction, I felt much better. My recovery time was only a week. Sadly though, I was so excited about my new boobs that I busted my knee, while dancing in my bedroom… topless that I ended up on crutches that summer. #Fail.

A girlfriend of mine got a breast augmentation; surgery involves using breast implants or fat to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume. She didn’t want to look like a barbie so she went up a cup size. She said she did this for herself. She wanted to look better and it boosted her confidence. She was so much more comfortable with her body. She also had a kid and the augmentation gave her the lift she needed to restore the youthfulness in her chest.

tumblr_m6ux3kd37L1ql5yr7o1_400Whenever you decide to use plastic surgery, make sure it is for you and not someone else. IF you are doing it to fit in or you are tired of someone saying something about your body parts, don’t do it. You will never find perfection this way. When it is something you want to do for yourself, go for it. It’s your money, insurance and etc. You are free to do what you want with your body but make sure it is your choice. Do your research before you do anything and prepare yourself for the changes that come with plastic surgery.

Slipping on my bra…


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