Butt Dial Horror

200_sSo I used to clown one of my sisters about not having her phone locked. I told her, “B, one day someone is either going to go through your phone or god forbid, you call someone by accident.” Should’ve been talking to myself! Because then I stopped locking my phone cause I’m constantly using it. Well, it happened. My phone being unlocked did something horrible. I don’t even know how it happened but it happened; I butt dialed my ex. The horror!

I’m on set filming the second to last episode of “The Adjuncts” and my phone is in my back pocket. I’m usually moving around from place to place while on the set. I don’t how or why, but I heard the Facetime ringer go off. I see it’s my ex. The strange thing is I thought it was an incoming call and was confused. Since I’m on set I don’t pick up because we’re filming. I get a followed up text asking what’s up. In my boujie girl manner, I’m like what? You called me so YOU tell ME what’s up. He’s like no, you called me. I’m ready to screen shot the incoming call until I see not one but two butt dials! I almost fainted right there on the set. I butt-dialed him. I text a simple explanation for the call and curse the universe. I kinda wanted to set my phone on fire but then I calmed down. It’s an iPhone 6+. #TeamApple

tumblr_n57lszUWSo1r8s5bto1_500What I’ve learned from this is one my ex and I still have tension between us and two, I need to keep my phone locked at all times. Butt-dialing? No no. I was not mortified because I accidentally called him but I was mortified at the thought of him thinking I called him because I really didn’t, well, not on purpose. I don’t want him thinking I walk to speak to him or are ready to make nice. Plus, if I called and he texted me back, that goes to show we’re not in a good place. Am I being childish for thinking this way??? Oh the horror!

Putting password lock on…

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