Buy His Kids Presents?

man-kids-450pk030911When you are dating a man with kids, when the holidays come around, there is a moment when you ask yourself if you should buy his kids presents. As much as this is a nice gesture, it may not always be the best idea. There are rules to dealing with a man with a child or children. There are other things you need to consider, such as the rest of his family, including the child or children’s mother. So before you run to Toys r Us, check the situation.

Have you met the kids?

If you have met his children and you are in a serious relationship with this man, yes get the kids gifts. It is again a nice gesture and it shows you are open to them being in your life. Do not go all out because you don’t want to push it or step over boundaries. Get them a simple gift and move on.

If you haven’t met his kids then save your money. Why give gifts to people, granted they are children, who you do not know? You have not met the children for a reason and you need to wait it out until next year before you spend money on them. You do not want to make the father uncomfortable if he hasn’t introduced his kids to you. For all you know, he could take the gifts and give them to his kids without mentioning you because they probably don’t know you exist. So again, wait it out.

man-and-kidI just want to point out, if he has an infant, now is not the time to offer gifts. You need to offer him advice on how to work things out with the mother because that is just messy. Smh….

Still holiday shopping…


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