Expect Him to buy Your Kids Gifts?

urlWhen you are dating a man, if he chooses to buy your kids gifts then you should take them. However, if the both of you just started dating, don’t hold your breath. There are certain things you need to think about when you are dating a man and you have children. If he is spending money on them, it indicates his seriousness with you. At the same time, if you are still getting to know each other he may not think it is appropriate to give your kids gifts.

If he has met your kids, then yes, he should give them something or at least give you money to get them a gift. You and your kid are a package deal. If you get a gift, so should your kids. Understand it is not about the cost of the gift that gives meaning, it is the fact that he is doing it. Don’t expect $400 gifts from someone you have been dating, unless he has it like that. It is important that you are open to receiving any kind of gifts and are grateful to have a man who is kind enough to think of you and your kid(s).

family-quality-time-woman-kids-21136521If he asks if he should get them gifts, be classy and say he doesn’t have to. This leaves the door open for him to decide to step up or step down. Again, this will indicate where your relationship is going. You may not want him to get your kid any gifts. Just know if he shows up to your house, knowing your kids are there, empty handed that means he’s not ready to be as serious . Reevaluate his worth in your life. If you guys haven’t been dating for that long, it’s ok for him to not be ready to spend money on you just yet. Don’t be gold-diggers ladies!

Making a list and checking it twice…


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