Can Being Boujie Get You Killed?

I’ve been noticing an awful trend of violence towards Boujie girls. I must say that I am a bit taken back by the reasons Boujie girls are attacked. However, some might say, she had it coming?

After watching Basketball Wives, I was the first to scream at my 46-inch flat screen TV, when I saw Eric Williams act a fool and shove a drink in his wife’s, Jennifer Williams, face. I told my Facebook fans, my ex-husband wouldn’t have had a hand to pull back if it were me, however, I wouldn’t have thrown the first drink!

Ladies, being Boujie is not about being stuck up! Save that drama for the next wannabe. Being Boujie is about class and being proud of having standards. If a guy wants to “holla” at you, then let him holla. You are beautiful, what else is he supposed to do?! Even if he asks you if you know how to dougie, try to be polite.

A real Boujie Girl leaves a legacy, not trash. We are memorable, not forgettable. By dissing whoever, you are leaving a forgettable trashy image of who you are NOT. To sum this up, if someone is trying to get your attention, you should be used to it by now, be polite and decline. This is going to sound soo conceited but I am so used to being approached (both men and women) that it’s nothing for me to smile and move on nicely. You will never hear about the Boujie One being so nasty to someone or “acting bitchy”. That is not in my nature. However, I warn you, my niceness is why this blog is so popular, I attract crazies! But at least I won’t get shot…maybe kidnapped…humm…

You make your own rules in this world but know you will live and die by them too. Who you choose to be is who they are going to think of you as. You choose to be a bitch, get treated like one. If you think being hard is how you are going to get ahead or get a King, you are wrong, SORRY! Bitches don’t become happy wives or even become wives at all. Your defenses and lack of class doesn’t make you Boujie it makes you a BITCH and in my book you are a little girl who needs to grow up.



Till Next Time,
Boujie MACK

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