Can You Date Ugly?

When-Your-Friend-Walks-Restaurant-Annoying-Dude-Went-Home-Last-NightSo in the world of dating and dumping in your 30s, I’ve come to the realization that love really goes beyond what we see. When you’re younger, you usually only date men who are appealing to your eyes but as you get older, we over look things…. sometimes. So now there is the ideology tossed around in Boujie Girl World about dating someone who isn’t as attractive. Will it work? Are those guys any safer than the hot ones?

The short answer to that questions is NO. Why? The thing with dating ugly guys is we feel safe with them because women are unlikely to approach them. Here is the problem with this struggle. Dating an ugly guy can gas up this fool’s head. When you date someone ugly, other people start to notice them and within time, if you clean him up, he starts feeling himself. Soon enough, he starts feeling himself so much that he starts acting up like all the rest and the madness cycle continues! It’s like if I’m going to get played, I might as well get played by 6’7 with the muscles and money, not yo ugly ass! HAHA! If you do choose to date the less attractive, I say keep him the way he is. Do not go into the relationship as if he is a fixer upper. If he wants to keep up with you, let him do it. A man needs to be confident about himself to date a boujie girl after all. We don’t do upgrades, we are the upgrade. Don’t forget that.

tumblr_o91zpzFaEo1u609jdo6_250Bottom line is this. Date someone you connect with. At this point, we have to date wisely because we want to marry or head towards being settled. However, dating someone because they are “safe” isn’t going to cut it. NO ONE is safe! Even the ugly mofos have problems and act a fool! SMH! I mean, we can’t be dating someone who is ugly and pisses us off, pick a struggle!

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