Can You Forgive a Man Who Hits You?

Ray Rice, Janay PalmerSo everyone knows by now about the video of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancé but now wife on the elevator. For some reason I thought this happened over the weekend but my coworker informed me that his happened months ago and they are already married. When I watched the video again, my first thought wasn’t how could he do something like this; it was how embarrassed is she right now? I’m not even going to jump on the bandwagon of people who hate douchebag Rice. He’s unemployed and has well over 99 problems.  My heart goes out to her. Was he really worth it?

So my co-worker, who is a guy, was raging about Rice but he made a comment about the reason she probably stayed with him and why a lot of women stay in these types of situations. The lifestyle is something they don’t want to give up. If that’s the case, how many women are in these situations but would rather bare cheating and physical blows from their men in order to maintain this lifestyle? Humm… But here is the catch 22, sometimes you could be the main provider and still deal with the same crap. What is the real issue?

sad-black-woman-hairUs women need to set a standard for our lives. If we don’t, no one else will. That abuse shit is real and it can mess you up in so many ways. It isn’t always physical; a lot of times it is mental. You become a prisoner to a person who doesn’t respect your life. If you are in a situation that is not safe, it is important to plan your escape. Dealing with an abusive man isn’t easy.  God forbid you have kids with him. Either way, at some point, the money and lifestyle won’t be worth those tears, bruises and possible STDs. Eventually, you are going to have to choose you or the lifestyle and you have to know how valuable you are in order to choose yourself first.

Watching TMZ again…

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