Can He Call You a Bitch?

Ladies, it is so important when you are dating to watch how a man speaks. A man with a loose mouth is likely to turn it on you the moment he gets mad. Men like this you should not marry or date. The reason is that kind of foul mouth is sure to break you down and hurt you. Clues about his mouth? Listen to him. If a man refers to a woman, not you, as a bitch, that is your first indication that he has no problem calling a woman out of her name. Not the boujie way!

The problem with men calling women bitches is it is disrespectful. It is one thing for a man to think it but when they cross the line and say it, there is the lack of respect. Once he starts to disrespect you, and you allow it, there are going to be other things he thinks he can get away with. This is the start of trouble. By the way, him saying you are acting like a bitch is also a no-no.

The moment you hear that word uttered, check him. Let him know that he wouldn’t want his mother, sister, or whoever called that and you won’t tolerate it either. Then distance yourself a little so he can know you are serious. IF he doesn’t see it as a big deal, then picture this, him calling you a bitch in front of people, your family and god forbid your own daughter. IF you don’t want to see that happening, I suggest you fully correct him and rethink how you are doing to deal with this man later. Words have power, you let him call you a bitch, you might start to be treated like a hairy four legged animal.

No Bitches Over here…

Boujie MACK

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