Can You Be-Friend Your Enemy Again?

Phaedra-and-Kenya-hugWhen friendships between women end and they do not speak, it can take up to several years before it is mended. We all fall short when we are arguing with one another but sometimes, after spending time apart, you have a moment to mend things. If that moment comes, will you?

Look, I’m no stranger to holding grudges and cutting my ties off with people. At the same time, if it’s not that serious, I tend to let it go and move on. That doesn’t mean I flucx with that person hard but I can say hello and be cool. The reason why we don’t mend these relationships sooner is because we take the pain a lot more personally than guys do. We cut each other pretty deep when things get nasty.

If you want to mending things, be direct. Being subtle, at least for me, won’t work. Poking on FB, liking pictures doesn’t mend. We have to be women about our stuff and come out with it. Hey, I know things are messed up between us but I want to fix it because you’re important to me. Period. If she is important to you, then place your pride aside and mend your relationship.

Hardened hearts are also things we have to get over. I mean, really, you are going to hold on to a grudge that happened how many years ago? If whatever happened doesn’t impact you today, allowing the person forgiveness isn’t hard. That doesn’t mean you have to go back to being besties, but it does mean you can open the door to being friends again in some kind of way. Either way, having a hard heart towards someone isn’t cool. You are carrying extra weight that is not necessary and you can find peace within yourself by letting things go.

porsha-stewart-kenya-moore-reunion-fight-the-jasmine-brandPlus, we’re getting older and I honestly can’t remember why I’m not speaking to some of my old girlfriends. I don’t know if I just don’t care or I’m really getting old and can’t remember! Some I remember and they can keep their asses right in the distance where I can’t find them. Smh. Either way boujie ladies, be fabulous and mend fences with the people who are worth it.

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