Catch a Baller

So I’m hanging out with my girlfriends and we are talking about men. All my friends are Boujie Girls by the way. In this conversation, I’m appalled by what some of them said. They are talking about the type of man they want. I’m picky, but not that picky. Sometimes my pickiness leads me into trouble, sometimes it leaves me at the movie theaters wondering who is going to pick up this ticket tab!

To sum up the conversation, here is the check list of what they wanted in a man:

  1. Must not be under 6’2” (I’ll take 5’11!)
  2. Must have money (75k Min)
  3. Can not under any circumstances be broke
  4. No children. If you do have children, no small ones and you have a 1 child limit
  5. Gotta have a nice body
  6. If you are going to have a nice car…it better be a newer-nicer one (nothing under 2010)

ALRIGHT! Time to address this.

If we as women have these high standards, I think we should hold them too. I’m not taller than 5’5” my damn self, nor do I have a six pack, (maybe 2) I don’t make 75k (close tho wink). I’m just saying don’t show up looking for 100% if you are not 100% yourself. Also, image CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT be everything.

HOWEVER! You short, 40k living, one kid having (most times more), even no job having dudes better NOT get it twisted. Don’t show up without your 100% either! If you have a kid, you need to have an active relationship with him, that means no weekly phone calls, it should be almost daily. (I know you text msg) Have plans with what you are going to do with your money, investments anyone? If you have no job, getting your education and career search better be real or you have got to go.

I’m sorry, 30-40 plus year old rappers need not apply. “Starting my own record label and I’m about to blow,” also, please do not apply. Short man syndrome, complaining that all women want is money and tall dudes with big dicks, DO NOT APPLY! Who wouldn’t want a nice tall man, with a big dick and money?! PLEASE!

I agree with what my girls want, because it is what they want, (#womannation) and they are 100% trust me. However, those of you cheap heel wearing chics, you need to step your own game up if you want to catch a baller. Get it catch a baller? *Wink*

With my nose in the air, I’ll wait for you later.

Boujie MACK

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