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Mum is the Word


Whenever you are dating someone, the worst thing you can do is tell them the time frame you are going to have them wait until they have sex with you. The issue here is while you put a time limit on your kitten, you still haven’t gotten to know the…

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Breaking Down Blues…Have You Purged?


Boujie girls have this idea that they cannot show emotion. No matter what the stakes are, keeping a poker face is how you will make it. The problem with this theory is you end up bottling up a lot of things. Sometimes we bottle up rejection, anger or resentment. These…

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Cheap Fake Eye Lashes… Please Just Stop!!!

There is nothing, just nothing cute about a pair of cheap lashes. Your face is beautiful just the way you are. If you go an put something ever so fake, and add make-up to it only takes away from your natural beauty.

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7 Things Men Don’t Care About…

Men are visual and simple sexual beings. When they are getting to know a woman, there are a few things he cares about and even lesser things he doesn’t care about. Some of those things are things we over think. When getting to know a man, we want details, for…

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Moving In… Does it Prevent Marriage or Put You On a Waiting List?

For many boujie girls, moving in with the right guy is a major step. They have passed our checklist, unless you have been dipping in un-boujie like conduct such as moving in someone with no job or aspirations… :/ If in five years you are asking yourself if he is…

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Day off…Anyone???

Sometimes in a boujie girl’s life she can find herself busy every single day. If you wake up early every day and go to bed late every day, then you didn’t make room for “me time.”

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Thirsty Tuesday… Can you reverse your “ho” title???

For a man, when he categories his women, the title tends to stay there. After talking to some brothers about the subject of thinking that some women are hoes, their responses were mainly the same. “If I think she’s a hoe I don’t really change my mind…it is what it…

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Can Boujie Girls Be Serial Cheaters?

A serial cheater is someone who cannot stop cheating. They can be in a happy committed relationship and they still find a way to dip out on their partners. With all of our standards, do we find ourselves to become what we hate?

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Left at the Alter? Can you forgive him?

Men may not be aware of how damaging humiliation is until it happens to them. Rapper, “Game” was supposed to get married but called off his wedding to his fiancée. In his tweets, he stated how much of a wonderful woman she was to him and if men had half…

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Change is good but it happens gradually.

There is a saying that you should leave footprints in the lives of everyone you make contact with. Well, unless they carry a sandbox with them, an impression will have to do. Sometimes women over do the first impression thing by being too nice and trying to get someone to…

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Real boujie girls have haters. We do. There are always going to be someone saying something or claiming we did something or declaring we are boujie. It comes with the territory. When you are a BOSS, expect your subordinates to have complaints…especially when they are fired. Keep your head up and let who you really are speak for herself.

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I’m his what?! His Concubine

If you are in a relationship with a man who will not commit to you, you are a concubine.
If he is married and is promising to leave his wife for you, you are a concubine.
If he is only going to your house and you have never been to his house, you are a concubine.
If none of his friends or family know who you are, you are a concubine.
If you hear from him every once in a while and it’s just for sex or when he hits you up for money, you are a concubine and possibly an ATM.

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From Just Mackleen to Boujie MACK

Anyways, special thank you to everyone who became a fan of the Boujie Mack Facebook, subscribed to the B. MACK TV on Youtube and most importantly, subscribed to the Boujie MACK blog itself. If you just read it and said nothing to me, special thank you anyways. I really appreciated everyone’s support.

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Blasting My Ex

Wrap your minds around this, when it’s over, it’s just that over. Get excited about better. If you thought that person was the shit, imagine what’s to come. Usually in the near future you realize they really were not all that they were cracked up to be anyways, but you can now chop it up to life’s experience. Sorry Reggie, you sexy motha….

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