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Side Hoes Are NOT Winning!


As much as you all have a guilty pleasure of watching all these women fight and argue, get married and divorced, dating and breaking up and side bitches getting rings and getting married on TV. (Mainly Vh1, Bravo and other networks that promote foolery) Have no fear in ten years…

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Monday Morning: Office Romance Brewing?


Most people who work over 25 hours a week eventually develop a work relationship with their colleagues. Many times, your work family becomes your second family. There is the brother and sister relationship you have with some people; the mother or father relationship with have with others. Then there is…

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Hump Day Files: I Can’t Live With Him


There comes a moment in a couple’s life when they decide to take leap of faith and move in together. This is usually the step before marriage or a break up. Either way the journey is something you will never forget. Someone recently asked me on my ASK MACK column…

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Are You Too Much of a Princess?


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a queen. In fact, I encourage all women to embrace their inner princesses.  However, there is a time and a place for it. Some women can find themselves so high up on their horses that they lose consciousness of reality….

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We Ain’t Friends No Mo


When people enter their adult life, there are a few things they should notice changing. Other than the load of opportunity, responsibility, and weight change, your surroundings change as well. The people you once considered your best friends aren’t. It isn’t that you are enemies; you just are not as…

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Hump Day Files: Fantasizing During Sexy Time?


A sexologist took a poll and 70% of women have admitted to thinking about another man ( or men no judgment), while engaging in sex with their husbands or significant others. 30% claimed they never did but I’m suspicious about them. Biblically it is wrong to think of someone else in…

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Hump Day Files: Smelly Balls

Woman Smelling an Unpleasant Odor

Women have got to remember that men do not think like us. We would probably be mortified if a man, OUR man said out kitten smells like a litter box. For guys, especially the stinky one, telling them their balls stink isn’t likely to hurt their feelings. They might be…

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Hump day Files: How to Ask For Papers


When you are getting to the intimate part of your relationship, there is a moment when you have to wonder if this person is clean. We all know that a person can look healthy all day but that doesn’t mean they are. It is always important to really get to…

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Hump Day Files: Toys or No Toys??


I wasted my time watching Basketball Wives, just one episode though; I’ve given up on that show a long time ago. The ladies decided to give one of the wives (the only one on the show who’s married) a bag of dildos since her man is constantly gone. If you…

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Hump Day Files: When Should I Give It Up?


When you are on the prowl to find Mr. Right and had enough of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Lame, Mr. Too Many Kids, Mr. Right Now and worst of all Mr. Ain’t Doing Shit with His Life, you have to set the bar and cut off ties to men you want…

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Blasting My Ex

Wrap your minds around this, when it’s over, it’s just that over. Get excited about better. If you thought that person was the shit, imagine what’s to come. Usually in the near future you realize they really were not all that they were cracked up to be anyways, but you can now chop it up to life’s experience. Sorry Reggie, you sexy motha….

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