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Select Your Proper Shoe Size


When I was out walking my little dog the other day, I saw this girl step out her apartment tip toeing in high wedges. At first, because it was the evening, I thought she was hurt but then I realized, she either couldn’t walk in the shoes she was wearing…

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Gifts for the Boujie


Gift buying for someone who you think has it all isn’t always easy. I have some tips that are great to buy the Boujie people in your life. Some can be kind of pricey but others are very affordable gifts. 10 Computers You can never go wrong buying anyone a new computer or…

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Boujie Review: Pink Zebra


One way to keep our apartments or homes selling good are by burning candles. Some people use Plugins or use air-spray. One way to keep the aroma of your place smelling nice is by using wax or candles. A company that can help enhance the smell off your home is…

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