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TO Purchase or Not to Purchase?


One thing that can frustrate women is when men claim we don’t need them. Sometimes they perceive women as not needing them because they have everything they want before the real man comes along. Some women own homes, take care of their kids, drive nice cars all without a man…

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TO Purchase or Not to Purchase Part II


If you want to have a man, who is going to take care of your needs and provide, wouldn’t it make sense to wait on him to do everything or at least build it together? Whether they want to admit it or not, a lot of men are intimidated by…

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Getting Your Own Place


The longer you live by yourself, the harder it becomes to live with someone else. The same goes for the other way around. Working adults, who are single, tend to have roommates to save on money. Some people would rather live alone because they can afford it or they just…

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Before You Give Away the Extra Keys


When you are in a serious relationship but live in separate households, there comes a time when there is an exchange of keys. This is usually a joyous moment when your relationship is taken to another level and you can confirm it as serious, past the Facebook “in a relationship”…

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Where is my coffee!


Other than the constant buffoonery we deal with when we go to work, (or school for some) there is the occasional co-worker (or classmate) we just cannot stand. There is nothing they can do to please us. Even when they sneeze it’s infuriating. When you have an annoying colleague you…

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Are You Too Much of a Princess?


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a queen. In fact, I encourage all women to embrace their inner princesses.  However, there is a time and a place for it. Some women can find themselves so high up on their horses that they lose consciousness of reality….

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Should You Go Back To School?


In the slump of the economy, food stamps not working, the government shut down for like two weeks now, one may consider going into a new field. Some fields require some additional education and skills. If you are serious about “going back to school” be sure to think it through…

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Savings Account Win


The government shutting down should be an eye opener for everyone. Clearly, we have people running the country that have no idea what they are doing and worst of all, not realizing how much it is effecting other people. At the same time, it is believed everything happens for a…

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Your Network/Worth


It is very important to have a group of friends that are movers and shakers. The reason why is because you want to get ahead but don’t want to be alone at the top. People with common interest are not always in direct competition with each other. In fact, they…

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Weekend Dress Up


It’s Friday and some of you have already send your emails out that you are going to be sick on Monday. As you plan your weekend and weekend outfits, it is important to remember that going out and having a good time doesn’t consist of being messy, slutty or trashy….

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Hump Day Files: Threesome?


After watching a rerun of Sex in the City yesterday, I thought about why men would want another woman in the bedroom. It’s odd for them to want another man there, but two women and a man can either be a fantasy come true or your worst nightmare. No disrespect…

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Hump Day Files Two: Naughty Teachers


If anyone has gone to school at some point in their lives, which should be everyone even though you may not act like it. If you have ever wondered what a teacher/ professor has to go through when you are on the other side, this tumblr will give you some…

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Sticks and Words…


It is very interesting when people say they do not care about what other people say about them. While this is very true and there are people who are just going to talk, there are some people you always want to have their respect. As boujie girls, your reputation is…

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Work Week: Office Politics


Kissing ass is not something anyone likes. When you are in a field, where it is hard to move up and out, who your candidates running against you are important to know. However, you also want to have someone in your corner who will give you insight on what is…

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Back to School Already?


The end of August is near and going back to school is on our minds. Many people are going back to get that degree they have been working on. Others are helping their kids get ready to go back to school. Before you buckle down and start studying, let your…

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