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Hump Day Files: Sex Is Not a Gift on Valentine’s Day


Some people are stuck in doors because of the bad weather; others are forced to face the cold breeze. One thing on everyone’s mind is Valentine’s Day coming up. Whether you are single or a couple, Friday is not a day we can ignore. For those of you in new…

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Hump Day Files: Toys but Not Boys?

Whoop - de - doo Sex Toys for Women by Anna Mareov_0

Some women like to try new things in the bedroom. While I think it is healthy to be spontaneous and adventurous, especially after you’ve been together for a while, it is important to know where your partner stands. Not every man gets excited when he sees a rabbit. So if…

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Editorial: Being Mary Shame


I was going to refrain from going off about this Being Mary Jane show on BET that I can not stop watching, but I can’t take it anymore. I just watched a BET promotion for Being Mary Jane of women explaining why they were like character Mary Jane. I thought I was having a nightmare….

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Love in January


The winter time is the best time to be in a relationship. It is when couples tend to have more alone time due to the cold weather. January is the most broke and motivating month of the year. People are broke because they have to pay off their holiday shopping…

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Dangerously, Crazy and now Drunk In Love


Everyone loves Jay Z and Beyonce… or do we? They opened and performed together at the Grammy’s. They dropped successful albums last year, both released them in ways other artist would have difficulty doing. No one can deny their amazing talent and drive to always win. What makes them the…

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Hump Day Files: Eat What?!


Because I have been asked this question so many times, I am finally going to address it. Bookmark this post because I’m going to only address it once. This whole “toss his salad” thing, when a man wants you to put your face in his behind is not a new…

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Pity Proposal


There comes a time in a relationship when a man and a woman decide it is time to take things a step further and make it not only official but legalize your love. He might get down on one knee and propose. Show up with a ring over dinner. He…

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Hump day Files: What’s His Number?


Once you have decided to have sex with your partner, one of the most important questions we start to wonder is who came before you. The older we get, the less likely you are going to find someone who is a virgin. So when you get with a guy, even…

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Expect Him to buy Your Kids Gifts?


When you are dating a man, if he chooses to buy your kids gifts then you should take them. However, if the both of you just started dating, don’t hold your breath. There are certain things you need to think about when you are dating a man and you have…

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Buy His Kids Presents?


When you are dating a man with kids, when the holidays come around, there is a moment when you ask yourself if you should buy his kids presents. As much as this is a nice gesture, it may not always be the best idea. There are rules to dealing with…

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He is full of Shit


Whenever you hear a man claim that you deserve better or you watch him date a “weaker” woman, it can be for a few reasons. One, he could feel like more of a man when he is with a woman (the weaker one) who doesn’t argue with him, submit to…

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Hump Day Files: Give It to Him


This year women should try to be a little more creative to end the year. When you are giving your significant other a gift for the holidays, instead of the regular, “what do you want” gimmick, do something special. There is no better way to end the year right then…

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Can I Buy You a Drink?


Whenever we go out, sometimes with our friends, other times to socialize, there is a moment when we are at the bar and someone asks us a question. What does it mean when a man offers to buy you a drink? Some women do not fully understand what the gesture…

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Dating a Guy Your Mom HATES


The only thing worse than dating someone your friends may not like is dating a guy your own mother doesn’t like. Mothers and daughters for years have bickered back and forth about the type of men mothers want their daughters to marry. When we were younger, we went for the…

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7 things You Should Never Say In Bed


Are You Finished? If he was finished he would get up and parade around. Even if you think it keep it to yourself!           What is that smell? First of all that is just rude. You are being intimate, there is a chance that some gas…

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