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I-Want-Her-Life- Syndrome


There is a syndrome that has not been diagnosed. The “I-want-her-life- drom”. It comes from a mixture of low self-esteem and a tad of envy. Jealousy is not apart of it because jealously comes from hate. Envy is a little different. Envy is an emotion that comes from self-pity.

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Your Degree Doesn’t Make You Single…Your Mouth Does

For the ladies who wonder if their degrees are intimidating men, step back for a second. When you meet a possible mate, what do you talk about? Are you quicker to boast about your accomplishments or who you are? Things you like to do or your career objectives?

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7 Things Men Don’t Care About…

Men are visual and simple sexual beings. When they are getting to know a woman, there are a few things he cares about and even lesser things he doesn’t care about. Some of those things are things we over think. When getting to know a man, we want details, for…

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So you a hoe? Part II


To salvage your reputation or resist getting this kind of title, it is better to know why you are making these kinds of decisions in the first place. Before you sleep with someone, do you know why you are getting it in??? Don’t wait until later to ask him if…

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Thirsty Tuesday… Can you reverse your “ho” title???

For a man, when he categories his women, the title tends to stay there. After talking to some brothers about the subject of thinking that some women are hoes, their responses were mainly the same. “If I think she’s a hoe I don’t really change my mind…it is what it…

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Left at the Alter? Can you forgive him?

Men may not be aware of how damaging humiliation is until it happens to them. Rapper, “Game” was supposed to get married but called off his wedding to his fiancée. In his tweets, he stated how much of a wonderful woman she was to him and if men had half…

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Does the kind of Car He Drives Really Matter???

Be suspicious of any man that brags about his car a little too soon. Be suspicious of a man that brags period. People who brag tend to hide someone behind the boasting. The thing with cars is it doesn’t say too much about the person at all. For those of…

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