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Going Vegan Prep


Jay Z and Beyonce have announced, for whatever reason, they are going vegan for 22 days. Jay Z said it was a challenge one of his friends pushed on him and they are trying it. Before any of you decide to start copying them and “going vegan” you need to…

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Thanksgiving Pound Watch


With the big day tomorrow coming and everyone getting ready to stuff their face. There is nothing wrong with getting together with family and friends and not worrying about the calorie count. In fact, if there is every a day when you can fully enjoy food, it is Thanksgiving. If…

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Don’t Give Up on New Year Resolutions Just Yet


As we are coming to the end of the year and the holidays have officially arrived, people are making plans for the coming year. But what about the ones you made for this year? Unless you accomplished every one, it is important that you at least give it one more…

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Curve the Cravings


When we are trying to lose weight or change our eating habits, we fail as soon as those cravings come into play. When the cravings come, the diet goes out the window and we enter into the “fawk it” moment. Here are a few tips to help curve the horrendous…

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