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Hump day Files: What’s His Number?


Once you have decided to have sex with your partner, one of the most important questions we start to wonder is who came before you. The older we get, the less likely you are going to find someone who is a virgin. So when you get with a guy, even…

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Hump Day Files: Give It to Him


This year women should try to be a little more creative to end the year. When you are giving your significant other a gift for the holidays, instead of the regular, “what do you want” gimmick, do something special. There is no better way to end the year right then…

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Hump Day Files: Sexy Gifts


When is it ok to give someone a sexy gift? There is a trend of women offering their girlfriends sexy toys. What amazes me is sometimes they will give their friend a sexy toy even if the girl is in a relationship. Some people do not like toys for whatever…

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Hump Day Files: Female Strippers Sexier?


The Bad Girls Club had their 11th reunion special and the host Tanisha was given a stripper for her birthday. On her Twitter page, she said she would have preferred a female stripper. This isn’t the first time I heard female strippers are more appealing than male strippers, coming from…

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7 things You Should Never Say In Bed


Are You Finished? If he was finished he would get up and parade around. Even if you think it keep it to yourself!           What is that smell? First of all that is just rude. You are being intimate, there is a chance that some gas…

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Could You Date An Ugly Guy?


They say beauty is skin deep and you have to see past first impressions and sometimes expression but what if the face is just ugly. People who are not the most attractive know it, especially men. They will be so quick to tell you, “I know I’m ugly but…” The…

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Hump Day Files: Oh He’s Gay Now?


Nothing screams bitter than when a woman claims a man is gay after they broke up. It is tacky and useless really. We have discussed this before; do not blast your ex! While driving to my work, I was listening to the radio station and heard Kordell Stewart, former NFL…

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Hump Day Files: Sleepover But No Rent


Here is the problem with dating. Many boujie girls have a list of what they want a man to have but the pool of available men that have what they want is shrinking, or is it? What women do with an over-saturation of boujie girls is what some call dating…

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Hump Day Files: I Can’t Live With Him


There comes a moment in a couple’s life when they decide to take leap of faith and move in together. This is usually the step before marriage or a break up. Either way the journey is something you will never forget. Someone recently asked me on my ASK MACK column…

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Hump Day Files: When to Take the Condom Off


Never! Just kidding. Honestly, after you have been with someone for a while, it is normal to stop using condoms and use other contraceptives when being intimate. The spreading of STDs isn’t because people who are in relationships are having sex with each other, it is because people are having…

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Hump Day Files: Fantasizing During Sexy Time?


A sexologist took a poll and 70% of women have admitted to thinking about another man ( or men no judgment), while engaging in sex with their husbands or significant others. 30% claimed they never did but I’m suspicious about them. Biblically it is wrong to think of someone else in…

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Hump Day Files: Smelly Balls

Woman Smelling an Unpleasant Odor

Women have got to remember that men do not think like us. We would probably be mortified if a man, OUR man said out kitten smells like a litter box. For guys, especially the stinky one, telling them their balls stink isn’t likely to hurt their feelings. They might be…

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Hump Day Files: Is Lingerie Necessary?


Men are visual creatures. They see breast -they think of sex. They see sexy tall heels -they get excited. They see you eating a banana -they cum on themselves. Sometimes you just picking your nose can turn some of them on. So the question must be asked before you spend…

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Hump day Files: How to Ask For Papers


When you are getting to the intimate part of your relationship, there is a moment when you have to wonder if this person is clean. We all know that a person can look healthy all day but that doesn’t mean they are. It is always important to really get to…

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11 Guys to Avoid for the Rest of the Year


It is becoming painfully obvious that foolery is continuing to run rampant in the streets. There are these type of men who continue to approach boujie girls without checking themselves. It seems like they ran out of fucT%#$% to give and have grown the biggest balls I’ve ever seen. To…

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