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Hump Day Files: Toys or No Toys??


I wasted my time watching Basketball Wives, just one episode though; I’ve given up on that show a long time ago. The ladies decided to give one of the wives (the only one on the show who’s married) a bag of dildos since her man is constantly gone. If you…

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Hump Day Files: When Should I Give It Up?


When you are on the prowl to find Mr. Right and had enough of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Lame, Mr. Too Many Kids, Mr. Right Now and worst of all Mr. Ain’t Doing Shit with His Life, you have to set the bar and cut off ties to men you want…

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Hump Day Files: Feminine Men or Gay?


In a conversation with some friends, one of them brought up the idea of questioning her man about his sexuality. This is a very sensitive topic to men who are not gay, don’t want to be considered gay or are in the closet and don’t want to be outted. I…

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Hump Day Files: Threesome?


After watching a rerun of Sex in the City yesterday, I thought about why men would want another woman in the bedroom. It’s odd for them to want another man there, but two women and a man can either be a fantasy come true or your worst nightmare. No disrespect…

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Hump Day Files Two: Naughty Teachers


If anyone has gone to school at some point in their lives, which should be everyone even though you may not act like it. If you have ever wondered what a teacher/ professor has to go through when you are on the other side, this tumblr will give you some…

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HUMP DAY: IN A Relationship


When you are dating, you tend to keep a low profile on your love life because things are up in the air and nothing is permanent or official. It’s better to keep it that way because you certainly don’t want to shy away potentials or talk about something or someone…

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Convenience or Temporary Shacking


One of the few things about Steve Harvey’s book, “Think Like a Man” that made sense was how to be aware of a man’s intentions. When you are deciding to move in with your significant other, be clear about why both of you want to shack up. In this economy,…

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Cheating In Your Relationship?


In the day of social media, going back to school and working longer and later hours at work, cheating has become more tempting. One has to be realistic as they enter into a relationship and marriage with someone. Some people believe it is inevitable and human nature to sneak out…

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Hump Day Files… Fishy Kitty Kat


We’ve already discussed the importance of making sure you have a nice scent. Walking around ashy trying to shake someone’s hand is not the boujie way! There is another significant problem some boujie girls have… that is the fishy kitty cat. Odor control much? 😉 Apart of always being fresh…

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