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Curve the Cravings


When we are trying to lose weight or change our eating habits, we fail as soon as those cravings come into play. When the cravings come, the diet goes out the window and we enter into the “fawk it” moment. Here are a few tips to help curve the horrendous…

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Slim Down Much?

Most people have already quit their weight loss goals or failed. For those of you who have weight loss goals, you have to look at it for more than losing weight. If it comes off fast it comes back on faster. People…put the needles down!

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New Year…New You?

The only thing that should be new is a pair of shoes. You do not have to be this whole new person but you should decide at the beginning of the year (or your birthday) what you want to change about yourself.

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Holiday Pound Watch Out


As we get ready for the fun holidays and most of us survived thanksgiving, it is important for boujie girls to end the year off right. Now is not the time to forget you have a figure or want to get a better one. When attending parties and social events,…

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