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After the Party are the Flip Flips


Nothing annoys me more than when I see women walking barefoot outside after they have left some outing, event, club, bar or whatever. It is so tacky and not the boujie way! Thank God someone had enough sense to come up with this little invention called fold-able flats and flip-flops….

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Eyebrow Drawings Overkill


Most women when they wear makeup sometimes draw in their eyebrows. There is nothing wrong with it because you want to give your face a nice balance. When your eyebrows are cleaner, there is something about it that lifts your face. The problem is women are going overboard with the…

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The Power of being Feminine

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Being a “girly girl” is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, “girly girls” are less of a threat, more approachable and likeable. It’s a feminine thing. Not to say being a tomboy is deadly, it’s not. However, that feminine touch goes a long way.     A lot…

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Birthday Blues?


Every year that goes by we are realizing the days are getting shorter and so is our energy. After you turn 25, life as we know it seems to go down hill, doesn’t it? Time flies and everything around you suddenly changes. Sometimes you feel like you are at a…

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Cover Up Much?


It is a known fact that confident women are more attractive. Even if they are not the best looking woman, their confidence goes through the roof because of her mere presence. As a woman, picking out an outfit to make sure you look good is important. When you look good…

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Hump Day: What Should Be in Your Overnight Bag


Overnight sleepovers are most fun when you wake up to someone to cuddle with. When you are spending the night with your main squeeze, there are a few things a boujie girl must always have with her. Having a separate overnight bag is important to prepare for the next day….

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You Need to Smell Good

It amazes me sometimes that I meet women with no scent. Women should always have a signature scent or smell good. In your cars and purses, you should always have a miniature spray bottle from Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, or wherever. (Stay away from the cheap drug store…

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Mum is the Word


Whenever you are dating someone, the worst thing you can do is tell them the time frame you are going to have them wait until they have sex with you. The issue here is while you put a time limit on your kitten, you still haven’t gotten to know the…

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New Year…New You?

The only thing that should be new is a pair of shoes. You do not have to be this whole new person but you should decide at the beginning of the year (or your birthday) what you want to change about yourself.

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September Shopping

It’s that time of year again! Some of you will be pulling out last year’s fashions and killing it on the runway. Others, like myself, are flipping through the magazines searching for a new look. As we are all redefining fashion in our own way, think of places where you…

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Cheap Fake Eye Lashes… Please Just Stop!!!

There is nothing, just nothing cute about a pair of cheap lashes. Your face is beautiful just the way you are. If you go an put something ever so fake, and add make-up to it only takes away from your natural beauty.

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Hair Weaves? You Hate Yourself or Enhancing Beauty

There is a secret behind hair weaves, wigs, extensions, clip on and etc.  Some women wear them to keep everything in their lives going. They are going from one point to the next and don’t have time to style their hair, so a good hairstyle that looks great everyday is…

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Day off…Anyone???

Sometimes in a boujie girl’s life she can find herself busy every single day. If you wake up early every day and go to bed late every day, then you didn’t make room for “me time.”

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Layers Can Slim You Down

As hot is it is in the summer, think about layering up if you want to wear something more fitting. If you have some kind of undershirt underneath your tight shirt, it slims your belly. If you have a pudgy belly (damn you tight belly have having people) wearing a…

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