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Potty Mouths, Cigarettes and Beer… Unattractive


Growing up I remember being told from the Catholic School Nuns that we were supposed to act like ladies at all times. We were to watch our mouths, sit up straight and smile. That was simple enough when you are 12 but as an adult, I find being a lady…

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Super Power Heels


I am certainly one who enjoys the comfort of wearing comfortable shoes. I do not like extra high heels that will hurt my feet within minutes. However, as a former employee of Nine West, I still wear heels and when I rock them, I kill it. There are certain types…

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Are We Too Fake?


There are so many layers to women but the one that has most of us stumped is beauty. In a world that judges us for not being a size 2, dissed and dismissed because of the lack of fashion trends on our bodies and viewed as awkward if we don’t…

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Do Men Really Like Long Hair


With all the weave, hair extensions and hair clips women wear, we have to ask who are we wearing it for? Usually when a woman wants to make a good impression on a man, they think the longer the hair the better… but is that really true? When men look…

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Face By Body: Life Coaching

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I think when you are out running around with a million things to do on your task list, it is always important to have someone by your side to help you balance everything. There are going to be times when there is no balance and you breakdown. When you are…

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The Boujie Girl of the Month, Imani Marshall-Stephen is giving away her debut novella “UnSpoken” to Boujie Mack readers. The first person to send an inquiry with their name and address will receive the book with free shipping. Send a message through the contact me page. The winner must be willing to…

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B Girl Monday: A Week In Love


Two boujie girls this week have a lot going on. One of the boujie girls has an event in Boston that some of you lovers may want to attend, so buy your tickets quickly, she is running out. Another one has an ongoing event for the rest of the month…

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Editorial: Being Mary Shame


I was going to refrain from going off about this Being Mary Jane show on BET that I can not stop watching, but I can’t take it anymore. I just watched a BET promotion for Being Mary Jane of women explaining why they were like character Mary Jane. I thought I was having a nightmare….

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Top Things We Hope Disappear in 2014


Kanye West and his mouth                   Justin Bieber… Period               Miley Cyrus’s Tongue                   Thick drawn on eyebrows                    …

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Expect Him to buy Your Kids Gifts?


When you are dating a man, if he chooses to buy your kids gifts then you should take them. However, if the both of you just started dating, don’t hold your breath. There are certain things you need to think about when you are dating a man and you have…

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He is full of Shit


Whenever you hear a man claim that you deserve better or you watch him date a “weaker” woman, it can be for a few reasons. One, he could feel like more of a man when he is with a woman (the weaker one) who doesn’t argue with him, submit to…

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Frenemies, Lurkers, and the Phony…


Nothing is worse than coming back from a nice break from work and having to you know… work. Most of you have either spent more money than you can afford because of the wonderful Black Friday sales. Some of you could be in jail because of the Black Friday sales….

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25 Things Boujie Girls Will Never Admit To


   There are not many things we are shameful about because we are proud women who live up to our own standards. However, there does come a point in when you have to admit to these things if to even yourself. 1 Lie about the number of people we have…

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TO Purchase or Not to Purchase?


One thing that can frustrate women is when men claim we don’t need them. Sometimes they perceive women as not needing them because they have everything they want before the real man comes along. Some women own homes, take care of their kids, drive nice cars all without a man…

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TO Purchase or Not to Purchase Part II


If you want to have a man, who is going to take care of your needs and provide, wouldn’t it make sense to wait on him to do everything or at least build it together? Whether they want to admit it or not, a lot of men are intimidated by…

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