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Getting Your Own Place


The longer you live by yourself, the harder it becomes to live with someone else. The same goes for the other way around. Working adults, who are single, tend to have roommates to save on money. Some people would rather live alone because they can afford it or they just…

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Before You Give Away the Extra Keys


When you are in a serious relationship but live in separate households, there comes a time when there is an exchange of keys. This is usually a joyous moment when your relationship is taken to another level and you can confirm it as serious, past the Facebook “in a relationship”…

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You Are Not a Man Trainer


There comes a moment at the end of a relationship when women feel like they made the man ready for the next woman. Other times women don’t want to let go of a man because they feel like they put a lot of work in him and they do not…

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12 Things People Do To Annoy Us


Monday is one of the most hated days of the week. I think it is because people are reminded that they now have to deal with foolishness all over again, usually at a place (work) they’d rather not be. A part of the annoyance we face each week comes from…

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After the Party are the Flip Flips


Nothing annoys me more than when I see women walking barefoot outside after they have left some outing, event, club, bar or whatever. It is so tacky and not the boujie way! Thank God someone had enough sense to come up with this little invention called fold-able flats and flip-flops….

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The Power of being Feminine

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Being a “girly girl” is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, “girly girls” are less of a threat, more approachable and likeable. It’s a feminine thing. Not to say being a tomboy is deadly, it’s not. However, that feminine touch goes a long way.     A lot…

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7 Survival Guides to Save The Boujie Ones


There is always a moment when women can completely lose their minds. In fact, they can easily find themselves in a situation where they are so fearful for their lives that they pull out all stops to protect themselves. In this case, what is a boujie girl to do? Do…

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Hump Day: What Should Be in Your Overnight Bag


Overnight sleepovers are most fun when you wake up to someone to cuddle with. When you are spending the night with your main squeeze, there are a few things a boujie girl must always have with her. Having a separate overnight bag is important to prepare for the next day….

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Life Slump?


2013 is supposed to be a year of great things happening in your life. We kind of say that every year but there is something about surviving 2012 that makes this year extra special. With the economy at a slump, boujie girls are having a hard time finding their space…

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Drink Much? HUMP DAY FUN!


When going out there are a few boujie etiquette things ladies need to understand. Getting “white boy wasted” is not the boujie way! At some point in your adult lives you must stop being the one who gets carried out the bar or club. When you are in front of…

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Boujie Girls Need Spiritual Grounds


Statistics have proven that people who go to church are genuinely happier and more optimistic. It also has shown that people have walked away from churches because of the unnecessary drama that goes with joining a congregation. So where is the balance? The reason why Boujie girls needs some kind…

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Mum is the Word


Whenever you are dating someone, the worst thing you can do is tell them the time frame you are going to have them wait until they have sex with you. The issue here is while you put a time limit on your kitten, you still haven’t gotten to know the…

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I-Want-Her-Life- Syndrome


There is a syndrome that has not been diagnosed. The “I-want-her-life- drom”. It comes from a mixture of low self-esteem and a tad of envy. Jealousy is not apart of it because jealously comes from hate. Envy is a little different. Envy is an emotion that comes from self-pity.

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Negativity and complaints are a major turn off…

Interesting people are ones who always have something to say. It could be big or small. Whatever they are talking about is just like them, interesting. If you notice your friendship ship is always recruiting for new members, rethink what is going on around you. Is your personality pushing people…

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Cheap Fake Eye Lashes… Please Just Stop!!!

There is nothing, just nothing cute about a pair of cheap lashes. Your face is beautiful just the way you are. If you go an put something ever so fake, and add make-up to it only takes away from your natural beauty.

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