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Too Much Education

Boujie girls with too much education are getting hated on because of their drive to have the best. There is not much support for women who pursue and attain higher degrees. They are finding it harder to find mates, are looked at by their own friends and family in a…

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The Boujie One on the Radio!!!

Tonight I will be a guest on Nova Southeastern University’s Radio X 88.5 FM. Please listen in as I speak the Boujie knowledge with DJ Calm Down tonight airing at 8PM! Ready? Set? LISTEN! For those of you who want the link: Thanks for the support! -BOUJIE MACK

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Nude Profile Picture? Not the Boujie Way?


Boujie girls are all about being confident. Apart of being confident is being sexy. When you have a Facebook or Twitter, or Instragram, is there such thing as too much sharing???

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10 Signs You are A Boujie Girl

10: You have no problem being the well-educated woman you are 9: If you earned it you know you deserve to have it, that means nice cars, updated apartments and condos, big beautiful homes, expensive bags, and overseas weaves 8: You do not look forward to going to the “hood”…

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The Real Meaning of Boujie / Bougie One and for all!

I read an article about various things that make someone bougie and I am thinking whoever wrote this article really doesn’t understand what a REAL meaning of bougie is. First of all, it comes from the root word bourgeoisie. People have shortened the term and even changed the spelling (like I did) but it still boils down to what the actual definition is.

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Freaky things men want that shock women

If you are serious and choose to take off the condom, make sure you and your partner are monogamous. Know what the possibilities are of pregnancies and what you want in both of your futures. Get tested together so you know where each other stand. Be safe…sheesh I know if feels good but pills and shots don’t feel good either. Neither do crying babies!

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Dating Down the New Trend?

It is not wonder that most boujie girls hold higher positions like lawyers, accountants, office managers, ahem professors J , authors, etc. The truth is most of the men up where we are career and salary wise either can’t stand a boujie girl and run, or the market is smaller. The bigger dating market is the blue-collar man. I’m not saying the blue-collar man is any less then the baller, but they are more available. The pool of men who reach the high standard for boujie girls are getting smaller and smaller every day, so why fight and claw at that small pool of boujie men? Go for the nicer less maintenance guy. He might not have everything you have ladies, but it’s not about things, it’s about how he treats you.

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No Cable Does This?

I went without cable for maybe two weeks. In that time, I must say, I have gotten much accomplished. I have changed cable providers during this time because my contract was up and I was ready to move on, (team Comcast) Because the providers had changed, obviously I lost all…

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Shit “Very Smart Brothers” Say (Shit Bougie Black Girls Say Rebuttal)

“I hate Bougie girls!”

Yeah right! You are either mad because you can’t seem to get with us or that’s all you want. Let’s be real, if you don’t like bougie women so much why all the freaking talk!?

Don’t lie, you know classy women who has their own and with a brain is a bigger turn on that those other “ratchet” women. You know our bougie ways turn you on so much that you will do whatever it takes just for a moment with us. The attraction is clear the only problem is… it’s going to take more than a black card, some slick talk, and a nice car to keep us. You might get us but I don’t know about keeping. Step your game up, brah!

**drops mic and walks off stage**

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Things Guys Don’t Understand About Boujie Girls

Nothing will get you dumped faster when you decided to act like your boujie girl ain’t going nowhere. I have news for all of you men who think you don’t have to do anything to make your girl feel special. YOU WILL GET DUMPED. I understand the honeymoon period is over and you are settled in your relationship and all, but damn did you have to flip on us? I saw a guy swing a door open and didn’t even wait for his girl to walk through. You don’t want to hold the door bro!? (I woulda left by the way) I mean if you act a certain way early in the relationship, we are going to expect you to stay consistent. Why change? Keep the fires going or you will get burned!!!!

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A Slim Girls Poem

I can’t be a size two like the girls in the magazine
But I’m unique, sexy, and beautiful just ask Boujie Mackleen….

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Kay Walker’s Weight Loss Status

I am putting myself on blast for being bloated Boujie girl! How can I stay fabulous if I don’t stay healthy?! I am calling all of you boujie girls out there to join me this year in a fight to fitness. I will post weekly to let you know of…

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12 Women to Avoid in 2012

I am all about “sisterhood” and sistas doing it for themselves but I’ve seen a lot of crap in 2011 that do not follow this boujie girl’s laws. Some of you “sistas” need to get some help and change your nasty attitudes and ways or you are not going to…

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Real boujie girls have haters. We do. There are always going to be someone saying something or claiming we did something or declaring we are boujie. It comes with the territory. When you are a BOSS, expect your subordinates to have complaints…especially when they are fired. Keep your head up and let who you really are speak for herself.

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Holiday Time…Should you ask him for a present?

Here are the rules, Boujie Girls do not have to ask for anything. Don’t ask him SHIT. If he doesn’t know to get you at least a card, then you should know what to do with him. Some of you are expecting extravagant gifts and it has only been 3 months. If he didn’t start with extravagant gifts then don’t hold your breath. If it has been six years and you never got anything but a card…again- DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!

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