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I’m Not Kenneka Jenkins


The news story about the young girl, Kenneka Jenkins reported this 19-year-old girl was found dead in a freezer at a hotel. What boggles me about this story is she went to a hotel party, got drunk and ended up dead in a freezer?! There is speculation that she was…

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Still Juicy!


UPDATES! So I am on day nine of this juice cleanse and I finally feel normal! The full week has come together and I’m down 11 pounds. This was no easy accomplishment so yay! A majority of the 11 pound weightloss is likely water weight I picked up from eating high…

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‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker Passed Away


Actor Paul Walker, best known for his roles in the “Fast and the Furious” action movies, died on Saturday in a car crash in Southern California, his publicist said.   Walker, 40, who was in five of the six films about illegal street racing and heists, was a passenger in…

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Hump day Files: How to Ask For Papers


When you are getting to the intimate part of your relationship, there is a moment when you have to wonder if this person is clean. We all know that a person can look healthy all day but that doesn’t mean they are. It is always important to really get to…

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Where is Your Voice?


One week after the Trayvon Martin verdict, people continued to feel outraged. What side of the fence do you stand on? The verdict has even divided boujie girls all over the world. Some stood on one side, while the others were quiet. For those that were quiet, was it because…

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Tips for the New Year…

As we start the year off right… 1. Grab the year by the ears Look back at 2012 and celebrate your successes and identify your failures. Map what you learned from both and think about what you want to change in the year ahead. Define what success looks like for…

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From my Boujie Family to yours…. BOUJIE MACK

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“What you eat don’t make me sh&^%$…”


Some people can brush off rude comments like it is nothing. Others of us will take that comment and start World War III. Us Boujie girls are about tact. We are about class, education, wealth, happiness and much more. There are a few things people should know never to say…

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Happy Hump Day: IF you pull out the Lube will it kill the moment???


Picture this, you are leaving the restaurant, hopefully not some lame fast food place, you are all giggles because of the footsy you were playing at the table. You are making kissy faces. Holding hands the entire drive home. Now that you have made it, you both rip off each…

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Basketball Wives Mean Girls Split

I’ve had friends for over 10-20 years. If we are beefing and I see one of them in tears because of the frustration taken out from our argument or tiff, I don’t think I could ever tell them to take their crocodile tears to a shop, (or whatever she said.) That’s my friend who is likely jealous of where I am and she is looking at herself, which is why she could be acting up. Girlfriends go through that. Hello!!!

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That Bobby Brown…

Is it me or is this becoming too common? People are constantly putting their own needs before someone else’s. If people could really step back, for a second, and let someone else go first, don’t you think this world would run a little smoother?

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Boujie One!

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Red Lipstick…Not for me!

Red lipstick to me is so old fashion. If you have the right shade of skin and right color, by all means but there is something very old to me about a woman who wears red lipstick. Some will say it is a classic look but for the Boujie One, it is old school. Hot pink is another one I think no one should wear. Sometimes you can get away with red, specially during the holidays, but pink!? No….please….stop!

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What’s my number? You better mean my credit score!

Bottom line is ladies, the higher the number, the quicker they “cum” and go. My suggestion is be discreet. If you are going to do what you do, don’t be trashy about. It is just not the boujie way to give it away to anyone. As adults, you need to be socially responsible and morally responsible. Having sex with anyone is like letting a whole bunch of people eat off your plate…sorry that is NOT THE BOUJIE WAY!

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Banks that are not for the Boujie

If you ladies are going on a swiping spree over the weekend, stop it. Banks will pay out the most expensive item first and clean out your account then charge you 35 bucks (overdraft fees) for everything else. So if you have $100 in your account and four of your items cost less than 5 dollars, but somehow you spend like $90 on that handbag, they are going to take the 90 in stead of paying out the $25 from the first 4 items and you will be hit with 4 overdraft fees. Banks like BB&T only give you one returned overdraft fee every two years! WTF!!!! In this economy? (RUN) Bank of America can refund you a lot, but I would wait until almost 90 days because they are likely to negotiate better. However, who wants a negative bank account for like 3 months?! Wells Fargo…I have a savings account with them, and their ok, but I’ve had overdraft issues with them in the past over foolery. (That is probably because it was a joint account I had with a fool).

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