Celibacy after having sex?

A reader from the “Ask Mack” column in Snytch Magazine sent me a following email that emailed this main question. Can you become celibate after you have had sex with someone? This is a very good question!

Because we are not in control of someone’s intentions, it is important that we make decisions we can live with. If you decided that you want to stop having sex and wait for marriage, you can not force your partner that has been sexing you up to say yes.  This is something you BOTH need to discuss. Talk about what it means to you and see if their beliefs align. If they do, you certainly can work on your spirituality and work towards the goal of the relationship. If they do not, you have to decide if this relationship is going to work or worth having.

Do not compromise your beliefs for another person. At the same time do not force them to change their minds. IF he wants you, he’ll wait and put a ring on it. If he can’t, that doesn’t mean he does not love you, it means he do not want to go without.

After all… sometimes boujie girls have the good good and cutting him off can tear a man down! But if he likes it he’ll do what is right. Be it staying or walk away. Love is just that shitty sometimes!

The Boujie One

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